Multi-purpose coffee brew stick Kruve (Silver)

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Multi-purpose coffee brew stick Kruve (Silver)
Multi-purpose coffee brew stick Kruve (Silver)
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This multi-purpose brew stick can be used to agitate coffee grounds during the brewing process (regardless of your preferred brewing method), which results in flavours that are extracted to perfection. The 22-cm-long tool can serve as a convenient stirring stick as well.

The new and improved version now boasts:

– a larger spoon

– a textured handle

– a refined shape for a particularly convenient grip

What is this “agitation” we’re talking about here?

Agitation (also referred to as turbulence at times) is the process of mixing or shuffling your coffee grounds around while brewing.

Why should you agitate your grounds?

When you agitate your coffee grounds, you help water seep through your coffee in a more uniform fashion, which ultimately makes the resulting brew even tastier!


When KRUVE entered the specialty coffee market in 2015, its innovative brewing tools certainly didn’t take long to attract attention and even win several highly respected awards. Nowadays, this company is known and loved by regular participants of the World Barista Championship and everyday coffee enthusiasts alike. With its gorgeous, high-quality products, KRUVE is bound to make your brewing rituals that much more enjoyable.

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