Handmade turkish coffee pot Floral figures



Enjoy Turkish coffee prepared in a traditional, handcrafted Turkish coffee pot. The coffee pot is made from high-quality, solid, durable copper, while the inside is coated with food-safe tin. The pot looks extremely elegant — it is decorated with traditional Turkish flower patterns. 
The Turkish coffee preparation method is one the most archaic ways of preparing coffee. Coffee prepared in this way is particularly intense and its flavour is concentrated. Such coffee is often sweetened with sugar and seasoned with intense spices, such as cardamom, cloves, pepper or cinnamon. 
How to prepare delicious Turkish coffee in a Turkish coffee pot? 
– We recommend using coffee of an extremely fine grind (as fine as flour). Grind your coffee immediately prior the preparation — this will make the resulting drink more aromatic and delicious. Use one heaping teaspoon of coffee per one coffee cup (50 ml). 
– Pour water into the pot, put coffee in it and, if you wish, add your favourite spices and/or sugar. Mix the ingredients.
– Place the pot above a source of low heat and let the coffee heat up sufficiently. 
– Once the coffee starts foaming, take the pot off the heat. Your coffee shouldn’t start boiling!
– Let the coffee cool off a bit (around one minute), then pour it into cups. 
– Even though some people brew the same coffee for a few more times, we don’t recommend doing this, as features of the coffee’s flavour grow weaker with each brewing.

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Can I use this coffee pot on an induction hob?

Unfortunately, this pot isn’t suitable for induction hobs.


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