Organic fine sparkling fermented tea drink ACALA Premium Kombucha Red Wine Style, 330 ml

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Tastes like elegant red wine.

“Red Wine Style” boasts flavours similar to elegant medium-body red wines made from pinot noir grapes. The taste of this drink rests on the undisputed queen of forest berries—the blueberry.

In mixing blueberries with blackcurrants, ACALA created the perfect duo. The addition of Ivan Chai throws delightful notes of flowers and apricots into the mix, while pu-erh balances these flavours with the help of earthiness and taste of wood typical of fine red Burgundy wines.

Tasting notes:

The foundation of this drink is the exquisite combination of dark blueberries and rich blackcurrants. Notes of flowers and oak add to the drink’s complexity. The texture of “Red Wine Style” is velvety, yet well-defined. Serve cold in a red wine glass.

Pairs perfectly with:

– Blue cheeses, such as Stilton or creamy Brie

– Vegetarian wok-fried noodle dishes

– Duck breast, steak, lamb chops

– Blueberry cheesecake

Ingredients: Druskininkai spring water, organic fermented tea*, organic blueberry juice*, organic blackcurrant juice*, organic fireweed tea*, organic pu-erh tea*, organic hibiscus tea*, sugar*.

*Grown in organic farms.

Storage conditions: store in a dark place, with storage temperature between 2 and 20 °C. 


“ACALA Premium Kombucha” offers a combination of age-old traditions, latest technologies and knowledge obtained from the world’s finest sommeliers. This ultimately results in an exquisitely refined beverage, full of vivid flavours and refreshing bubbles. The manufacture of these kombuchas is based on ancient practices involving fire, pristine spring water, natural juices, splendid teas and unique herbs. When fermenting the beverage for the second time, technologies used in champagne and wine production are utilised. Years of expertise end up creating unique aromas and flavours, unveiled gently in this elegant non-alcoholic drink. 

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