Ethiopia-Guji Uraga 250 g

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Coffee type Coffee beans
Coffee kind Single-origin
Manufacturer Curonia
Coffee origin region Ethiopia
Roasting level Medium
Country of Origin Latvia
EAN 4751032640196
Weight 250 g
Coffee beans type 100% Arabica
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About product

Elevation: 2020m
Farm: Smallholder Farms
Uraga is a woreda, or district, in the Guji Zone of the Oromia region. Coffee for this community lot is grown by the many smallholders in the Uraga woreda and brought to the local Zelalem Alemu mill, named for its owner. There, cherries are Natural processed on raised beds, beginning with a careful manual selection using special screen to sort the ripest, defect-free cherries. The coffee cherries are turned throughout the day to ensure uniform drying in the sun.
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