Single-origin coffee beans Black Crow White Pigeon DR Congo Kivu, 1 kg


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Chapter 8

The Black Crow presents: 

The sweet aroma of marzipan fills the air, and is soon joined by gorgeous notes of dried dates and dark chocolate… 

Flying high over the extraordinary vistas of the mighty Mount Nyiragongo and the gorgeous Lake Kivu flowing beside it, one can observe something that makes the view even more beautiful: it’s the luscious coffee plantations and the local farmers working hard to keep them at their best. This wasn’t always so: only a few decades ago, these lands were ravaged by volcanic eruptions and devastating civil wars… The people of Congo are now starting to smile again though: what gives them joy is cultivating unique coffees that numerous connoisseurs all over the world love and appreciate. 

Your Black Crow


Country of origin | Democratic Republic of the Congo

Region | Kivu

Producer | Smallholder farmers

Altitude | 1500 m

Arabica varietal | Bourbon

Process | Washed

Roast profile | Dark

Flavour palette | Marzipan, dried dates, dark chocolate

Recommended brewing methods: all brewing methods, including espresso. 

Ingredients: roasted coffee beans.

Storage conditions: store sealed in a dark, dry and cool place.


“Black Crow White Pigeon” is here to regale you with extraordinary coffee stories. The main characters in this tale—the Black Crow and the White Pigeon—embody the remarkably varied flavour palette of specialty coffees: from dark, deep, earthy notes to light, subtle aromas. Every possible wonder of taste fits onto this lengthy scale, starting with inscrutable darkness and transforming slowly into the sort of white that takes your breath away. Each coffee, along with its unique story, hides inside a beautiful package that may remind you of a new chapter in a book you’re reading: carefully numbered, these chapters go all the way from 1 to 24. Dive deep into new experiences with “Black Crow White Pigeon”: discover the tales that each chapter tells you, immerse yourself in unique flavours, and set out on a journey so fragrant it’s bound to be impossible to forget. Feel free to start your own personal voyage from any chapter…

Additional information

Country of Origin

Coffee beans type

100% Arabica


1 kg
Coffee type
Coffee kind
Coffee origin region
Roasting level
Country of Origin


Arabica variety


Coffee beans type

100% Arabica

Operation & Care

What kind of beans are in this coffee - Arabica or Robusta?

That’s 100% Arabica coffee beans grown in the Lake Kivu region.

Where is this coffee roasted?

This coffee is roasted by our partners in Lithuania, in one of the finest local roasteries.

What brewing methods are these coffee beans suited for?

These coffee beans are suited well for all brewing methods, be it espresso, filter, or infusing straight in a cup.

Are these arabica or robusta beans?

These are arabica beans of the Bourbon subspecies. They originate from the region of Lake Kivu located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

How much acidity is there in the flavour of this coffee?

While African coffees are usually particularly fruity/acidic, this variety is a bit different: instead of fruit or berries, it’s marked by notes of marzipan, dark chocolate and dried dates.


2 ratings
  1. Lewis L.

    Delicious, light but packs flavour – my favourite from coffeefriend for sure


    Very nice coffee, I am simply delighted and for sure I will buy 1 more till April 30.
    Just send me the coffee friend link again.
    Thank you.

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