Coffee grinder De’Longhi Dedica KG 520.M

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Coffee grinder De’Longhi Dedica KG 520.M
Coffee grinder De’Longhi Dedica KG 520.M
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Highest quality coffee beans deserve to be ground with a proper coffee grinder. Keep that in mind, as grinding directly impacts how your cup of coffee will turn out. This elegant coffee grinder follows the design from „Dedica Pump“ line of coffee machines.

Not only great, solid design, but also impeccable materials make this premium class grinder a perfect choice when it comes to preparing highest quality coffee. Reliable upper and lower conical millstones are made of stainless steel and easily removable, so you‘ll be able to clean it effortlessly.

– This grinder guarantees premium class grinding for your quality coffee.

– Beans hopper capacity: 350 g.

– Capacity of ground coffee container: 170 g.

– Grinding levels: 1-18 (for any preparation method).

– Number of cups of ground coffee: select from 1 to 14 cups.

– Two different options for ground coffee output: directly into espresso handle (filter holder) or straight into ground coffee container.

– Control: manual with two main control buttons.

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