Rancilio CLASSE 9 USB XCELSIUS 2 groups Professional Espresso Coffee Machine

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Rancilio CLASSE 9 USB XCELSIUS 2 groups Professional Espresso Coffee Machine
Rancilio CLASSE 9 USB XCELSIUS 2 groups Professional Espresso Coffee Machine
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Country of Origin Italy
Dimensions 750x523x540mm

About Rancilio CLASSE 9USB Xcelsius 2GR

In the realm of coffee machines, the name of the Italian brand Rancilio is extremely well-known. Armed with near a century’s experience, this company is often referred to as the unquestionable leader in the market of traditional espresso coffee machines. What sets Rancilio apart from the rest is its innovativeness, as well as particular emphasis placed on design solutions, functionality and sustainability. The “Classe 9” line is defined by unique efficiency and functionality, revolutionary system for maintaining temperature stability, smart operation and innovative approach towards maintenance.


User interface

– Multifunctional on-board computer with a display and USB port

– 24-volt low-voltage brewing controls

– Working-area LED lights

– Functional LED lights on group covers

– Aesthetic side lights 

Energy saving

– Insulated boiler

– Independent brewing unit control (Xcelsius version only)

– ABM.07

Multimedia and connectivity

– Connect system

Hydraulic system

– Hydro Hub

– Separate heat exchangers

– Built-in volumetric pump

– Pump pressure control gauge

– Boiler pressure control gauge 

– 24-volt low-voltage brewing unit control

Standard version

– 1 filter holder for two coffee portions (one per group)

– 1 filter holder for one coffee portion

– 2 Cool Touch steam wands with the C-Lever function

– 1 hot water dispenser with 2 buttons for programmable time-controlled water dosing and temperature regulation (4-TEA)

– Adjustable electric cup warmer

– Rubber grids for the cup warming tray

– Cleaning discs

– Adjustable feet

Optional features on request

– iSteam: steam wand with a programmable temperature sensor

– Cool Touch: steam wand

– Adaptor for coffee pods and capsules

Optional accessories

– Water softener

– Dosing grinder


– Body: aluminum and stainless steel

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