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Siemens EQ700 Coffee Machines

With the increasing prevalence of automated technology in our daily lives, it’s no surprise that coffee machines are also becoming more advanced and sophisticated. Siemens coffee machines are designed to automate the coffee-brewing process, making it easier and more convenient for fans of coffee to enjoy high-quality drinks at home. Such technological advancement can definitely be observed in the Siemens EQ700 series.

Features of Siemens EQ700 coffee machines

Intuitive and easy operation. With Siemens, the world is your oyster! Operate your Siemens EQ700 coffee machine with ease thanks to the iSelect touch display, which is designed to open up a whole new world of flavours and aromas from different corners of the globe. 

Wide range of beverages to choose from. The coffeeWorld feature brings the flavours of Spain, Italy, Switzerland and a bunch of other countries straight into your cup. With a Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine, you can discover up to 30 drink recipes: most of them, such as ristretto, flat white, Wiener Melange and others, are available directly in the appliance, while additional beverages can be accessed using the app. 

Discover new flavours. The aromaSelect function was created for those who like to experiment with different flavours. Customise the taste of your beverage by adjusting its aroma settings: choose a mild, balanced or distinctive aroma. Moreover, the Siemens EQ700 bean-to-cup coffee machines boast special sensors that adapt the amount of beans ground for each beverage depending on the current parameters (quantity and strength), as well as the type of beverage selected. 

Coffee machine with a grinder. A Siemens appliance will grind your beans evenly, allowing all flavours to develop. It’s important to mention that the grinders in this series are ceramic, which makes them more durable than steel grinders.

Smart features and easy maintenance. Who said you can’t brew coffee while lying in bed? In fact, you can control your Siemens EQ700 coffee machine from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone on you. These appliances are easy to maintain too: they offer fully automated cleaning of the milk system. In addition, the easy-to-remove brewing unit ensures the highest level of hygiene, guarantees a consistently excellent taste and extends the service life of the appliance.

Siemens EQ700 coffee machine models

In our range of products, you’ll find two types of Siemens EQ700 coffee machines: EQ700 Classic and EQ700 Integral. You can read about the differences between these models below:

Siemens EQ700 Classic coffee machine

In addition to the handy features discussed in the previous section, the Siemens EQ700 TP705R01 model offers elegant design. This is a coffee machine with a milk frother, so a creamy cappuccino, latte or other milk-based speciality is brewed with a single touch and is guaranteed to taste absolutely flawless each time. You can also save individual beverage preferences and create a list of up to 10 favourites. Simply select and save your desired coffee strength, cup size, flavour profile or amount of milk.

Siemens EQ700 Integral coffee machine

The Siemens EQ700 TQ705R03 coffee machine is equipped with an integrated milk container that can be stored in the fridge when it’s not in use to save space and keep your milk cool at all times. This model lets users save up to 20 individual coffee recipes.

Need any help?

If you’re looking for new brewing experiences, the Siemens EQ700 coffee machines are certainly a great choice. All that’s left for you to consider is what kind of model would best fit your daily routine: whether it should be equipped with a milk frother or an integrated milk container. If you’d like to learn more about this brand, check out the rest of Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines in our range of products. However, if you’re not exactly sure as to what brand you should go for or are wondering what type of coffee machine would work best for you, reach out to us for some help. Our Coffee Friends will provide you with valuable advice and will help you find your new personal home barista!


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