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De’Longhi Primadonna Class vs Soul: What’s the Difference?

The De'Longhi Primadonna Class and the De'Longhi Primadonna Soul have some key differences in their features.

Saved User Profiles:

De’Longhi Primadonna Class allows you to save user profiles ranging from 3 to 6.

De’Longhi Primadonna Soul, on the other hand, offers 5 saved user profiles.

Control Screen:

The De’Longhi Primadonna Class features an intuitive control panel with a generously sized 3.5-inch LCD screen and touch-sensitive icons.

In contrast, the Primadonna Soul boasts an intuitive and colorful 4.3-inch touch screen.


The Primadonna Class model comes with a 2-liter water tank and a coffee bean tank with a capacity of 360 grams.

The Primadonna Soul, in comparison, has a slightly larger 2.2-liter water tank and a coffee bean tank with a capacity of 500 grams.

Coffee Machine's Menu Language:

The De’Longhi Primadonna Class supports a range of 11-13 different languages for its menu.

Meanwhile, the De’Longhi Primadonna Soul is even more versatile, offering support for 8-18 different menu languages.

These differences make each of these De'Longhi Primadonna coffee machines unique and may influence your decision based on your specific needs and preferences. For further details, contact Coffee Friend specialists.

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De’Longhi Primadonna coffee machines

The De’Longhi Primadonna coffee machines boast an exclusive design and the ability to serve you with the perfect cup of coffee. Each of these models will enable you to enjoy a wide range of drinks, create multiple user profiles, and even control your machine via a smart app. Let’s find out more about the features of De’Longhi Primadonna bean-to-cup coffee machines below.

De’Longhi Primadonna coffee machine models

In our range, you’ll find three De’Longhi Primadonna coffee machines in different models: Class, Soul and Elite. Both of these appliances feature wide colour touch screens and are created to provide you with maximum coffee enjoyment.

De’Longhi Primadonna Class coffee machine

All machines from the Primadonna series, including the Class model, are equipped with a separate milk frothing system that can be taken out with ease and placed in the fridge when not in use so that milk stays fresh for longer. In addition, this appliance allows users to create and save individual recipes if they can’t find the beverage they crave amongst more than 10 pre-set drinks on offer. The De’Longhi Primadonna Class ECAM 550.85 model lets you create up to 6 user profiles as well.

If that’s not enough, this model can be operated using the De’Longhi Coffee Link app, which features tips and suggestions on how to properly maintain your De’Longhi Primadonna Class coffee machine. It’s not like this is a difficult task either: almost all De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines boast automatic cleaning programs, which make it easier to preserve the unique flavour of your coffee and prolong the life of your coffee machine.

Additional features of the De’Longhi Primadonna Soul coffee machine

While the De’Longhi Primadonna Soul and Class models definitely do look similar, their features differ slightly. The newer Soul model boasts a wider selection of pre-programmed coffee recipes, a larger water tank and bean container, as well as a few more features that the Class model doesn’t have.

The De’Longhi PrimaDonna Soul ECAM 610.74.MB model lets you choose from as many as 21 drink recipes. These even include iced coffee! The machine is also equipped with the Bean Adapt technology: once you’ve connected your appliance to your smartphone via the De’Longhi Coffee Link app, you can select the roast profile of the beans you’re using and let the machine adapt the grind level, amount of ground coffee and brewing temperature to that exact roast. Coffee brewed in this way preserves all the flavours and aromas hidden in your coffee beans.

Let’s not forget design too! All De’Longhi Primadonna coffee machines boast a modern look, elegant black and silver details, and an intuitive colour touchscreen that makes operating this machine a real pleasure.

De’Longhi Primadonna Elite coffee machine

In fact, our range also includes De’Longhi Primadonna Elite coffee machines, which not only produce the most sophisticated coffee recipes, but also offer hot chocolate and cold beverage options. Tea lovers are not forgotten either. With De’Longhi Primadonna Elite, you can choose between four different water temperatures for different types of tea: white, green, black or oolong.

Choose from 12 pre-programmed hot coffee recipes, create up to six user profiles, save individual drink preferences, adjust the strength of the beverage, and control the amount of milk and coffee. The modern touchscreen makes everything incredibly easy to control, while the “Clean” function ensures the cleanliness of the milk system, and the automatic descaling program guarantees a perfect coffee taste every time.

Help with choosing the right coffee machine for you

If you’re looking for a bean-to-cup coffee machine capable of serving you with milk-based beverages, black coffee drinks and even recipes you’ve created yourself, the De’Longhi Primadonna coffee machines are absolutely worth a look. However, if you’re still unsure whether this truly is the best model for you, you’re always welcome to reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants for advice. Alternatively, you can view only those De’Longhi coffee machine models that come with your desired features by using the filters at the top of the page—that might be helpful when making your decision too.

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