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The prices for De’Longhi coffee machines vary widely. What are their main differences?

As with all coffee machines, De'Longhi prices depend on the…
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As with all coffee machines, De'Longhi prices depend on the functions it has, the ease of use and, of course, the year of manufacture. The more modern the machine is, the more adapted for different needs of customers it is and the simpler it is to use and maintain. For example, coffee machine models with a manual milk frother will always be cheaper than those with integrated milk systems. At the same time, it should be mentioned that it takes time and skills to make the perfect milk foam with a manual milk frother, whereas the automatic milk system will do everything for you and the perfect milk drink will be made in just a few seconds. When choosing a coffee machine, you will notice that some are managed by several buttons, while others have color touch screens. To descale some coffee machines need instructions every time, while with others you will learn after doing it once. Since customers buy coffee machines for more than just one year, we always recommend looking not only at the price of the coffee machine, but also at the fact that it is pleasant and easy to use for every member of the family or company.

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What makes the De’Longhi milk beverage making system LatteCrema unique?

The LatteCrema milk system in De'Longhi coffee machines can froth…
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The LatteCrema milk system in De'Longhi coffee machines can froth the hot or cold milk foam at a different consistency, providing a possibility to make various types of milk coffee. In addition, the milk container can be stored in the refrigerator and the cold milk can be taken out just before using it for frothing. In some De'Longhi models, the milk containers are thermally insulated. By choosing this type of coffee machine, you can be sure that the milk will be kept cold even for 5-6 hours.

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Why are De’Longhi coffee machines so popular?

The Italian brand De'Longhi has been on the market since…
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The Italian brand De'Longhi has been on the market since 1974. And even though the bean-to-cup coffee machines were only started to be manufactured in 2003, the long-term experience and knowledge has made it easier for them to find their ways into customers’ lives. Also, the De'Longhi brand is active in the media, so when often seeing this name advertised, customers naturally recognize it in stores as well. Of course, maintaining a good name is not easy, so over the years of experience, this coffee machine manufacturer has proven its reliability and focus on customer needs.

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