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Pad coffee machine is a practical choice for those who like to brew a coffee at the touch of a button. These coffee machines have a unique coffee-making system: in 1 or 2 minute coffee spray can prepare a flavorful and delicate coffee with a dense cream using gentle pressure. It should be noted that these pad coffee machines differ from capsular machines by extremely mild and low pressure, which is adaptive so that the flow of water through the coffee pad will absorb the best coffee properties and preserve the coffee pad, preventing it from exploding. As a result, these coffee machines are perfect for people who do not have special technical barista skills, but at the same time want to enjoy good coffee. With pad coffee makers, you’ll forget the discomfort caused by coffee grounds. In coffee pads there are top-notch coffee beans that look like tea in their round shape. These coffee pads contain about 7 gr. of coffee that is covered with a lightweight paper filter that does not penetrate the coffee grounds. Our Coffee pads are not only of the highest quality but of different flavors. In addition, it is no longer necessary to measure the amount of coffee. These coffee machines require minimal maintenance. We offer semi-automatic or fully automatic pad coffee machines in our assortment. The frother integrated in the automatic pad coffee machines will make it easy to flavor the perfect milk foam coffee. Enjoy your favorite Latte or Cappuccino coffee!