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About Krups bean-to-cup coffee machines

If you have decided that you want a perfect-tasting coffee with just one touch of a button, Krups bean-to-cup coffee machines will not disappoint you. The models offered by the manufacturer are known for their durability and abundance of features, allowing every user to make their favorite coffee. Among the currently popular ones are Krups Evidence and Krups Intuition, which we will review in more detail.

Krups Evidence coffee machine

The compact-sized Krups Evidence coffee machine will appeal to those who want to enjoy a variety of coffee drinks with just one touch of a button. By pressing the coffee recipe button twice on the menu panel, you can prepare two cups of black or milk-based coffee at the same time. The “Dark” function allows you to enjoy a more intense coffee flavor, while the “Extra shot” adds an additional espresso shot to your prepared coffee drink. The manufacturer hasn’t forgotten tea lovers either – with this machine, you can choose between three different temperature levels of water (for green, black or herbal tea).

Compared to bean-to-cup coffee machines from other manufacturers, the Krups Evidence features an exceptionally large 2.3-liter water tank, allowing you to prepare drinks for even larger families without the need for frequent refilling.

The manufacturer designed this model so that you can enjoy it for a long time. The metal body and sturdy internal parts made of stainless steel ensure quality and durability. The innovative “Autoclean Pressure System” releases all the remaining water from the heating system after each drink preparation, thus ensuring a significantly low possibility of limescale buildup.

Krups Intuition coffee machine

As you can understand from the model’s name, Krups Intuition is designed with the idea that a coffee machine should be easily controllable, as if intuitively. This Krups bean-to-cup coffee machine will particularly appeal to those who not only want delicious coffee but also a stylish design. 

The Krups Intuition Preference model stands out with its touch-sensitive screen that you can customize according to your needs: change colors, type, brightness. Additionally, on the home screen, you can save up to 8 of your favorite coffee recipes. The necessary maintenance programs are also indicated by color-changing indicators, allowing Krups Intuition coffee machine to “communicate” with the user and further facilitate its use. Furthermore, compared to the previously reviewed model, this one has an even larger water tank, with a capacity of 3 liters.


No matter which model you choose, Krups will definitely impress with its simplicity and quality. Each coffee machine with a grinder will allow you to start your morning with a cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans. In addition, the Krups coffee machine range includes other types of models, such as espresso, filter, or capsule machines. So, if you need advice on the most suitable model for your home, the consultants at Coffee Friend will gladly answer all your questions and help you choose a new coffee companion for your home.