Fruit tea Dammann Frères Carcadet Passion Framboise, 6 pcs. (30 g)

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Hibiscus flower, rosehip bark and dried apple pieces: all of these can be found in this blend, where the flavours of passion fruit and raspberry combine to produce a particularly fruity brew.

The box contains 6 sachets for an iced tea infusion. 

Preparation: infuse a sachet in 1 litre of hot water at a temperature of around 100 °C for 5–6 minutes. Let the infusion cool down, then pour it into a jug with ice cubes. Keep refrigerated and consume within 48 hours.

Dominant note: Exotic fruit

Secondary notes: Red fruit

Main flavour: Hibiscus

Complementary flavours: Raspberry, Passion fruit


Dammann Frères has been selling tea in Paris since 1692, when King Louis XIV granted Sir Damame the exclusive privilege of trading tea in France. Today, this well-known tea company is represented in 60 countries all over the world. The wide assortment of Dammann Frères includes single-estate teas of the highest quality harvested in various parts of the globe, original, unexpected tea blends, as well as splendid delicacies that are perfect for enjoying alongside a cup of some of the world’s finest tea.  

Ingredients: rosehip peel, apple bits, hibiscus flowers, flavours (raspberry, passion fruit). The product may contain incidental traces of nuts and peanuts.

Storage conditions: protect from air and bright light.

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