Coffee beans Two Chimps Oh Look, a Distraction, 1 kg

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This zesty limited-edition blend is sure to transport you straight to the tropics! Your journey begins with familiar notes of chocolate—and then, suddenly, some surprisingly refreshing hints of lemon and lime are thrown into the mix. Are you ready to keep on going? Then continue savouring this coffee for exquisite flavours of passionfruit and blackcurrants. Trust us: the new blend from Two Chimps is pure adventure in a cup! 

These Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee beans originate from Tinganga Estate located in the Kenyan region of Kiambu. While the farm was originally established by British newcomers, it’s now owned and operated by Sasini, a company belonging mostly to Kenyans themselves. Sasini has always paid special attention to maintaining the community they operate in, providing their employees with suitable living conditions, ensuring quality education for their children and guaranteeing fair wages.

The region of Kiambu is pretty much perfect for specialty arabica coffee: located near the equator, it boasts rich semi-volcanic soil, plenty of sunshine all year round, as well as steep mountains that offer high altitude. When the night falls, so does the temperature: this allows coffee cherries to mature slowly, resulting in delightful acidity and surprising complexity of flavour. The washed process used in Tinganga Estate is similar to the way most Kenyan specialty coffees are processed. The cherries are picked, sorted and depulped. They’re then allowed to ferment in water tanks for as long as 12–48 hours before being washed in special channels that let the densest beans sink to the bottom. These beans boast the highest quality, so they’re processed separately and then left to dry out in the sun for 2–3 weeks.

While this blend makes for an exquisite drink regardless of your chosen brewing tool, we recommend giving an espresso machine, Aeropress or moka pot a try.


FARM: Tinganga Estate


ALTITUDE: 1800–1950

PROCESS: Washed 

COFFEE TYPE: 100% specialty arabica

ROAST PROFILE: Medium dark

FLAVOUR PALATE: Chocolate, Lemon, Lime, Passionfruit, Blackcurrants

Ingredients: roasted coffee beans.

Storage conditions: once opened, keep sealed in a dark, dry and cool place.

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Coffee beans type

100% Arabica, Specialty coffee


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Coffee beans type

100% Arabica, Specialty coffee

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