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About Gaggia Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Unleash your home barista spirit with Gaggia bean-to-cup coffee machines! Choose anywhere from 4 to 19 pre-programmed coffee recipes, create individual user profiles, and adjust the taste of your coffee to suit your needs. Our range consists of three different series of Gaggia bean-to-cup coffee machines, and the features found in each of them are bound to delight passionate fans of coffee.

Gaggia Accademia coffee machines

Gaggia aims to meet all of your expectations, whether you’re looking for simplicity, a wide choice of recipes or smart features that make the brewing process a real pleasure. With the help of the Gaggia Accademia coffee machine, you can enjoy coffee brewed just the way you like it. It includes a steam wand too, so feel free to try your hand at latte art!

A fully tailored experience

Using the Gaggia Accademia bean-to-cup coffee machine, you can customise the taste of your coffee down to the very last detail. Adjust pre-brewing duration, aroma intensity, portion size, temperature, and the amount of coffee or milk. You can also change the volume of the selected beverage once the brewing process has started. To help you avoid having to readjust settings over and over again, there’s the option of creating 4 user profiles with personalised drink parameters.

Innovative touch user interface

The Gaggia Accademia coffee machines are operated using a colour screen and convenient buttons. All brewing steps are displayed clearly on the screen, and if you want to adjust coffee temperature, drink intensity or coffee-to-milk ratio, you can do that with ease.

Choose coffee beans or pre-ground coffee

Gaggia coffee machines offer users the option of brewing drinks using beans or pre-ground coffee. This is particularly convenient if, for example, you like giving various coffee blends a try, or if there’s a fan of decaf coffee in your family. 

100% ceramic, adjustable grinder

Amongst all other coffee machines with a grinder, Gaggia truly does stand out. It’s because each of the brand’s machines is equipped with a ceramic grinder. This feature preserves the best qualities of your coffee beans while also preventing them from overheating or burning. Additionally, the 100% ceramic grinder in Gaggia Accademia coffee machines ensures quiet operation. You can also choose from eight grind levels. Grind coffee beans finely for a more intense flavour, or choose a coarse grind if you’d prefer a milder taste.

Gaggia Magenta coffee machines

The Gaggia Magenta coffee machines guarantee the highest Italian quality and features that ensure a delicious cup of coffee every time. These models are designed to satisfy the needs of different coffee drinkers. So if you tend to be quite picky, this might just be the appliance for you!

A variety of recipes

Like every Gaggia bean-to-cup coffee machine, the models in this series let users choose from a wide range of beverages. With the Gaggia Magenta coffee machine, you’ll be able to choose from up to 10 pre-programmed recipes. From classic espresso or ristretto to cappuccino, café au lait or latte macchiato.

Create your own recipe

If the pre-programmed coffee recipes aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, the Gaggia Magenta model enables you to create and save up to 12 different drinks. You can customize the volume, strength, and coffee-to-milk ratio according to your liking.

Adjustable ceramic grinder

Each Gaggia Magenta coffee machine also features a ceramic grinder. In addition, you can choose from as many as 5 different grind levels. It’s much easier to find the right grind for the kind of coffee you prefer!

Durable and easy to use

The Gaggia Magenta coffee machines are operated using a colour display and convenient buttons. Every cup of coffee is bound to be prepared with surprising ease and impressive speed. 

Gaggia Anima bean-to-cup coffee machines

The Gaggia Anima coffee machine model is simpler in appearance and does not feature a colour screen. However, it still offers nearly as many handy features as the models discussed above.

Wide selection of beverages

The Gaggia Anima Prestige coffee machine offers many different coffee recipes. Choose from traditional espresso to foamy cappuccino. In addition, users can adjust the volume and strength of each drink and save up to 6 user recipes. Thanks to the double-chamber milk container, preparing milk-based coffees will also be a breeze. After making the coffee, simply place the container in the fridge to keep the milk fresh for longer.

If you haven’t decided yet whether you want to froth milk using a steam wand or entrust the entire process to an automatic system, it might be a good idea to take a look at our wide range of coffee machines with a milk frother.

Brew drinks using beans or pre-ground coffee

While the Gaggia Anima bean-to-cup coffee machine is equipped with a 100% ceramic grinder, it lets users brew drinks using pre-ground coffee too. 

Easy maintenance

After each cup of milk-based coffee, the machine cleans the entire milk circuit thoroughly in just a few seconds, leaving no milk residue inside. An automatic rinsing program is carried out every time the machine is switched on or off too. When the time to descale the appliance rolls around, you can see the whole process laid out step by step on the screen. Keeping your coffee machine spotlessly clean has never been quite so easy! 

Explore more bean-to-cup coffee machine models

Compared to other types of appliances, bean-to-cup coffee machines can definitely boast the highest number of features designed to help you enjoy a wide variety of flawless coffee drinks. The results created by Gaggia coffee machines are incredibly delicious, while the brewing process itself is surprisingly easy. However, if you’re still unsure as to what kind of appliance is right for you, it can be useful to take a look at models produced by other manufacturers. If you need professional advice on which Gaggia coffee machine might suit your needs best, feel free to reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants. They’re always ready to provide you with all the necessary information about the differences between various models, durability, and any other specifications you may be interested in!