Melitta coffee machine care kit, NO. 1


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In order to fully take advantage of your coffee machine, you should clean it regularly.

Instruction for automatic coffee machines:

If your coffee machine has an automatic cleaning program:

1. Put the “Blister” tablet into the right place and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your coffee machine does not have an automatic cleaning program, but has ground coffee slot:

1. Put the “Blister” tablet into the ground coffee slot and place a cup under the coffee spout.
2. Press the button, which prepares coffee from pre-ground beans.
3. When half of the cup is filled with water, turn the machine off and give some time for the cleaning tablet to do its magic.
4. Turn the machine on and finish coffee making process.
5. Repeat this process at least three times, but without the extra cleaning tablet. It’s crucial to clean the system from chemicals properly.
6. Take out the coffee making mechanism and carefully rinse it with clean water.
7. Before using the machine, make two cups of coffee. Choose the preparation method from pre-ground beans, but don’t use the actual pre-ground coffee.
8. When you want to clean the drip tray, put the “Blister” tablet into the tray, fill two thirds of it with hot water, wait 30 minutes and carefully clean it.

If your machine does not make coffee from pre-ground beans:

1. Put “Blister” cleaning tablet in the cup and fill it with hot water.
2. Take off coffee filter holder and with the mixture carefully wash the holder and its spouts as well as coffee filters.
3. Give some time or the mixture to do its magic –leave it on for at least
5 minutes. Later repeat the procedure at least 3 times.
4. Carefully rinse all washed mechanisms with clean water and put them all back into place.

5. When you want to clean the drip tray, put the “Blister” tablet into the tray, fill two thirds of it with hot water, wait 30 minutes and carefully clean it.


Works with Melitta, Krups and Nivona machines.

Also for:

– Bosch TCA5309;
– Siemens TK53009;
– Other Siemens/Bosch machines, made till 2008.

* The product can be received in any of the packages shown in the second photo. All of these filters have the same functions and are compatible with Krups, Nivona and Melitta coffee machines.


EcoDescaler is a descaler for coffee machines made of natural, high-quality ingredients. Descaler not only removes limescale, but also ensures that your coffee machine runs smoothly. Keep in kid-friendly places. If the liquid get’s in contact with skin—immediately wash with soap and water. If the liquid get’s into your eyes—carefully rinse it out using plain water. Then call the Poison Control and Information Center or visit your doctor (show this package or bottle).
Instructions: 1) Pour 100 ml of EcoDescaler liquid into an empty water tank of your coffee machine; 2) After the first step, pour the additional amount of water which is written in the instructions (if it’s not written, pour 1 liter of water); 3) Start the descaling program; 4) After the descaling program, rinse the coffee machine’s water tank with clean water and turn on the rinse program.
For 5 descaling operations.

Operation & Care


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