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Feel the flavours of America inside your cup! “Parallel 36” is a blend of arabica beans grown in El Salvador and Brazil regions. Coffee from these regions has taste notes of peanut butter, chocolate, flowers or wood, and noticeably rich aroma.

“Parallel” coffee beans are made from specialty coffee beans that are mixed in a way to maintain the same wonderful taste every time. No added flavours.

The Coffee Belt, or the Bean Belt, is a horizontal strip of land between the Tropics of North and South. Located between 25°N and 25°S, the Coffee Belt surrounds the Equator, passing through Central and South America, Asia, and Africa.

Countries that lie within the belt are characterised by ideal for coffee plantations. Which is why, we created the coffee bean blend from specialty coffee beans by Parallel – for an always perfect coffee taste.

Depending on the continent, we took a subtraction of the highest north and the lowest south parallel of the coffee belt and obtained new coffee blends by Parallels – 12 Ethiopia and Tanzania, 17 India and Papua New Guinea, and 36 El Salvador and Brazil.

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100% Arabica


1 kg
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Country of Origin
Coffee beans type

100% Arabica

Operation & Care

How much acidity is there in the flavour of this coffee?

Compared to other “Parallel” coffees, this one is the least acidic. It’s dominated by notes of chocolate and nuts.

What brewing methods are these coffee beans suited for?

The “Parallel” line of coffees is roasted in a way that makes it suited for all brewing methods, be it a filter coffee maker, an espresso machine, or infusing straight in a cup.

Where is this coffee roasted?

This coffee is roasted by our partners in Lithuania, in one of the finest local roasteries.

Are there smaller packs available?

Yes, there’s a 250-gram pack available too:

Would this coffee make for a good gift?

This coffee would make for an excellent gift, mainly because its flavour profile is a pretty safe choice: it’s neither too bitter nor too acidic. If you’re planning on buying these coffee beans for somebody else, we suggest purchasing ones that come already packed in a beautiful gift box:


7 ratings
  1. donatas briauka

    Never ever I drink coffee like this one. Please, try it, this something different something amazing : very tasty very smooth very very good 👍!!!
    Thank you 🙏

  2. Olivia

    I absolutely loved this coffee, its floral and woody notes were just delectible. The aroma is also just fantastic, it was just overall an amazing coffee blend.

  3. William

    One of the nicest from Coffee Mate.
    Beautiful tasting coffee

  4. Matthew D.

    Great flavour, amazing aroma. Another great tasting bean from The Coffee Mate team. Well recommended if you like full flavour and rich aroma.

  5. Jeffrey Clark

    Another great coffee

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