Coffee machine Saeco “PicoBaristo SM3061/10”

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Dimensions 43 × 22.1 × 34 cm
Type Automatic
Manufacturer Saeco
Color Silver
Warranty 24 months
Coffee machine uses Coffee beans, Ground coffee
Coffee machine's screen Black/White
Coffee machine's menu language english, german
Water tank 1.8 l
Coffee bean tank 250 g
Milk system type Integrated milk tank
Burr type Ceramic
Number of black coffees prepared at once 2
Number of coffee with milk recipes prepared at once 1
Does coffee machine prepare hot water? Yes
User-created recipes 10
Height-adjustable coffee spout 163 mm
Descaling program Yes
Automatic rinsing Yes
Coffee grounds capacity (portions) 15
Adjustable amount of coffee Yes
Power 1850 W
Water pump pressure 15 BAR
Depth 43 cm
Height 34 cm
Width 22.1 cm
Country of Origin Romania
EAN 8710103811503
Weight 8.5 kg
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About product

Any coffee prepared with Saeco “PicoBaristo” coffee machine will be crowned with high-quality silky milk foam. “Latte Perfecto” technology guarantees perfect milk foam for every cup. From now on you will be able to prepare up to 5000 cups of coffee without descaling!


This coffee machine is designed to maximize the “One touch of a button” function. Even 11 drinks can be prepared with just one touch. You just need to adjust the length and aroma strength of your drink. And if you would like to prepare your drink even faster and easier, you can personalise a drink by giving it a name and assigning the frequently used settings. Just press one button next time and your favourite drink will flow into your cup.


100% ceramic grinder is strong and durable. It will precisely grind coffee beans and make sure you’re left with the most delicious coffee drink. Ceramics allow the water to run freely during the grinding process, so the beans could let out all the true coffee essence. Unlike grinders from other materials, a ceramic one saves beans from over roasting. This grinder also has even 10 different grinding settings which will allow you to grind favourite coffee beans from the finest grind for impeccable espresso to coarse grind for a lighter coffee drink. Preparing coffee according to individual preferences has never been so easy!


New and patented Saeco innovation “AquaClean” water filter gives you a chance to use all of your automatic coffee machine’s possibilities. This filter allows you to prepare up to 5000 cups of coffee without descaling. When “AquaClean” filter is integrated, notes about descaling are deactivated automatically. It’s recommended to change the filter every 3 months.

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