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About Bosch Filter Coffee Machines

Nowadays, filter coffee makers are making a triumphant comeback. Bosch filter coffee machines are no exception: they let users enjoy authentic flavours while offering maximum efficiency and making the brewing process a whole lot easier and quicker.

Bosch ComfortLine coffee maker

Every Bosch coffee machine serves as proof of the company’s uncompromising attitude towards quality, technical excellence and reliability. A Bosch ComfortLine filter coffee machine comes with a range of features designed to help you enjoy drip coffee of the highest quality.

Coffee just the way you like it

By pressing the Aroma+ button, you can enhance the flavour of your coffee: a Bosch filter coffee maker will adjust the flow of water to your wants and needs. Enjoy a stronger brew in the morning and sip on a milder, less intense cuppa in the afternoon! 

Removable water tank and DripStop function

The water tank of the Bosch ComfortLine coffee maker can be removed quickly and easily, as well as filled straight from the tap. Putting the tank back in the appliance is no harder than taking it out. Moreover, thanks to the DripStop feature, Bosch filter coffee machines let you remove the jug safely at any time. There’s no need to worry about coffee dripping all over your kitchen counter and leaving unsightly stains!


This handy feature found in all Bosch filter coffee machines endows your appliance with flawless protection. It’s made up of three separate components: a water hardness setting, a signal that prompts you to run the descaling program as soon as it becomes necessary, and, of course, the descaling program itself. 

Bosch Styline coffee machine

Compared to the Bosch ComfortLine series, the Bosch Styline coffee maker boasts a few additional features. 

DualHeating system

Thanks to the DualHeating system, the temperature of the brewing water stays around 92–96 °C, while the temperature of the drink once it’s brewed is normally around 80–85 °C.


The Bosch Styline filter coffee makers guarantee the optimal flavour regardless of the amount of coffee you end up brewing. Thanks to the AromaSensor feature, a sensor in the water tank identifies a low water level. It then automatically adjusts the brewing duration and optimises the process of extracting aroma from your coffee.

Auto shut-off function

Using a Bosch filter coffee maker is easy and convenient. After the brewing process is complete, the coffee machine switches off automatically after a certain period of time. Thus, this feature provides peace of mind for users concerned about power consumption.

Filter coffee machine with thermal jug

One more feature that differentiates Bosch Styline from the Bosch ComfortLine series is a double-walled stainless-steel thermos jug. A filter coffee machine with a thermos jug keeps the drink warm and flavourful long after preparation. Moreover, the lid of the jug is easy to open, so you can serve multiple cups of coffee using one hand only. 

If you’re interested in exploring different designs and features that other filter coffee machines can offer, we invite you to check out our wide selection of filter coffee machines and coffee makers.

Need any help?

A Bosch filter coffee machine will let you enjoy flavours that are truly authentic. To find out more about each model, go ahead and read through the description of the Bosch coffee maker that’s caught your attention. If making a decision on your own is still too difficult, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants: they’re always ready to help!

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