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About Melitta Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Melitta bean-to-cup coffee machines are the perfect modern appliance for tasty and easy-to-make coffee. Their built-in features ensure top quality coffee at home, as if it were brewed in a café. Moreover, they are divided into three distinct lines – Premium, Comfort and Standard – so that every coffee lover can easily find the model that suits them best. 

Melitta bean-to-cup coffee machine STANDARD line

Melitta bean-to-cup coffee machines in the Standard line are designed for those who are looking for an ultra-compact coffee machine that produces excellent espresso or black coffee. The Melitta Caffeo SOLO coffee machine stands out here.

Melitta Caffeo SOLO coffee machine

The features of these coffee machines will impress minimalist style lovers. At just 20 cm wide, 32.5 cm high and 45.5 cm deep, the Melitta Solo bean-to-cup coffee machines are one of the smallest, making them ideal for those with limited space. They are also extremely easy to operate. Simply turn the control on the left to change the portion size, and press the button with the beans to change the coffee strength.

However, it’s worth noting that this model is not suitable for those who enjoy coffee with milk. Nevertheless, this has its benefits as it eliminates the need to clean the milk system. This makes the maintenance of the Melitta Solo coffee machine extremely simple.

COMFORT line Melitta coffee machines

Melitta Comfort bean-to-cup coffee machines are designed for lovers of different coffees – including those who enjoy milk-based beverages. Additionally, they offer more features than the previous one, so let’s take a look at them.

Melitta Avanza coffee machine 

The Melitta Avanza coffee machine has a larger capacity, which makes it easier to use when brewing more coffees. In addition to espresso and black coffees, it also has an automatic milk system at the touch of a button. Simply insert the hose into the milk carton and the machine will whip up a frothy froth. You can pour it over your espresso coffee by placing the cup under the height-adjustable funnel.

Melitta Passione OT coffee machine

The Melitta Passione OT coffee machine becomes more modern as it is controlled through a colour TFT screen. In this model, you can choose from 10 programmed recipes, including espresso, ristretto, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and other coffees. The universal pour spout adds even more convenience as it eliminates the need to move the cup around to make milky coffee. Simply place the cup under the funnel and the machine will do its job. It’s worth noting that all the drinks are prepared according to the original Italian recipes, i.e. the ingredients (coffee and milk) are arranged in a specific order. All this convenience in coffee preparation is crowned by the easy and automated maintenance of the Melitta Passione OT coffee machine

If you are interested in other milk systems, visit the category of coffee machines with a milk frother. There, you will find various models (not only automatic ones) that will allow you to enjoy milky coffees every day.

Melitta PREMIUM line coffee machines

The Melitta Premium range is for those who don’t compromise and always go for the best. The CI® and Barista® ranges are part of this line.

Melitta CI® Touch

These Melitta CI Touch models are special because the bean hopper above the grinder is divided into two parts. This allows you to store two types of beans in the machine at the same time, and choose which beans to brew with the touch of a button. Moreover, Melitta CI Touch F630-101 coffee machine produces not only 2 black coffee recipes at a time, but also with milk! 

These models come with 4 integrated user profiles for creating and saving personalised recipes. Plus, it has a colour TFT touch screen, offers up to 10 recipes and it comes with an additional milk lance, which makes preparing drinks with milk even more convenient.

Melitta Barista® TS Smart

This is the most advanced line of Melitta coffee machines for those who want their coffee machine to be like the best barista. These machines produce as many as 18-21 coffee recipes at the touch of a button. In addition, not only will you be able to choose and prepare from 2 bean types, but you will also be able to save in your settings which recipe will be prepared from which beans. Use up to 8 user profiles and control your coffee machine from your smart device. All maintenance programmes are fully automated, allowing you to simply enjoy delicious coffee.

Melitta bean-to-cup coffee machine functions 

All the features of Melitta bean-to-cup coffee machines are designed to give you not only delicious coffee, but also easy preparation. And while the functions or the number of them may vary for each model, it’s valuable to understand the main ones to help you make the right decision. 

Original coffee brewing function

This feature on your  Melitta bean-to-cup coffee machine prepares milky coffees according to the original Italian recipe, pouring them in the correct order. For a latte macchiato, it whisks the milk first and then pours the espresso, while for a cappuccino, it’s the other way around.

Silent Mill

Coffee machines with a grinder are one of the best investments you can make, as the coffee is ground immediately for each cup. This way, all the taste and aroma characteristics of coffee beans are preserved. However, Melitta coffee machines stand out with an exceptionally quiet grinder, allowing you to enjoy your morning coffee without worrying about waking up the sleeping household. Plus, the grinder operates at high speed, so you’ll have time to drink your coffee even in a hurry. 

Melitta Connect app

The most advanced Melitta bean-to-cup machines can be controlled from a smart device by downloading an app. The Melitta Connect smart app allows you to brew coffee even at a distance. What’s more, thanks to this technology, you can not only create your own profile and save the recipes it contains, but you can also define the subtleties of your favourite coffee and the order in which the ingredients are poured. You won’t have to remember this recipe every time you make a coffee, because it’s on your phone and at the touch of a button, you can make it even when you’re in the next room.

Individual user profiles

On the most advanced Melitta bean-to-cup models, you can create up to 8 separate user menus and save your favourite recipes without having to change them for other users. This will make the path to your coffee even shorter. 

Convenient cleaning system

Melitta coffee machines not only have automated descaling and coffee cleaning systems, but also a very convenient milk rinsing function. You can connect the milk intake tube directly to the tray, creating a closed system where the milk will flush. At the same time, you will ensure that surfaces are not splashed during rinsing. 

Contact Coffee Friend consultants for additional information

Read more about each model on the specific coffee machine page. And if you’re still struggling to choose, the Coffee Friend consultants are always happy to advise. Our wide range of bean-to-cup coffee machines surely has something to offer. So, get in touch, and we will help you to make the right decision.