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Coffee machine De’Longhi “Dinamica ECAM 350.55.B”

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Black coffee Café au lait Cappuccino Double espresso Espresso Hot milk Hot water Latte Macchiato Long black Lungo Milk foam Ristretto
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About product


Intuitive control panel with clear LCD display and touch buttons to guarantee a simple and immediate interaction with the final consumer.


Apart from the direct buttons for traditional beverages (espresso, black coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato) discover the exclusive “MY” function to personalise each beverage adjusting aroma and coffee/milk quantities, to enjoy drinks that perfectly match your taste!


Enjoy a perfect mix of pleasure: a creamy cappuccino, with dense milk foam, always at the perfect temperature. The automatic cleaning function integrated in the froth regulating knob guarantees an easy and secure cleaning of all milk frother components.

Technical characteristics

General features

Warranty24 months
Coffee machine usesCoffee beans, Ground coffee
Milk system typeIntegrated milk tank
Type of coffee grinderSteel
Adjustable beverage amountYes
Does coffee machine prepare hot water?Yes
Does coffee machine prepare hot milk?Yes
Adjustable coffee strengthYes
User-created recipes12
Height-adjustable coffee spout135 mm
Programmable water temperatureYes
Coffee grounds capacity (portions)14
Adjustable amount of coffeeYes
Power (EU and UK conversion plug)1450 W
Water pump pressure15 BAR
Country of OriginRomania
Preparable recipes - OtherHot milk, Hot water, Milk foam
Coffee temperature (levels)4
Preparable recipes - CoffeeBlack coffee, Cappuccino, Double espresso, Espresso, Flat white, Latte, Latte Macchiato, Long black, Lungo, Ristretto


Coffee machine's screenBlack/White
Coffee machine's menu languageDutch, english, finnish, French, german, Italian, Norwegian, polish, russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian


Water tank1.8 l
Coffee bean tank300 g


Number of black coffees prepared at once2
Number of coffee with milk recipes prepared at once1
Adjustable grinding level13
Portion sizeProgrammable
Adjustable milk foam volumeYes
Coffee strength (levels)5

Maintenance programs

Descaling programYes
Milk system cleaning programYes
Automatic rinsingYes

Dimensions and weight

Depth42.9 cm
Height34.8 cm
Width23.6 cm
Weight9.5 kg

Package contains

Package containsCleaning brush, Descaling liquid, Ground coffee dosing spoon, Hot water tap, Milk container, Water filter, Water hardness test strip

Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee machine signals that the grounds container is full, although it is empty.

This happens when the grounds container was emptied out when coffee machine is switched off. The system doesn’t recognise that the grounds were thrown away. Now, when the appliance is switched on, remove the drip tray together with the grounds container and reinsert it.

How to regulate the grinding level?

You can find the grinding adjustment knob in the bean container.
For the courser grinding level: while the grinder is in motion, dial it by one notch towards number 7 (at once only by one notch).
For the finer grinding level: whilr the grinder is in motion, dial it by one notch towards number 1 (at once only by one notch).
It is very important to regulate the grinder only when the grinder is grinding, otherwise you can damage the grinding mechanism. Result of your adjustment can be felt only after a few drinks.

What must be done when the coffee brewing unit is stuck?

This means that the brewing unit has not returned to its original position. Turn off the coffee machine completely (using the button on the back), switch the coffee machine on again and let it run for a full rinsing cycle, and switch it off again. The brewing unit had to return to its place. Now try to remove it.

The coffee machine doesn't froth a good milk froth anymore.

1. Make sure that milk you are using is fresh and at refrigerator temperature (when the milk is finished and you are pouring the new one, please clean the milk container throughly before adding the new milk).
2. Clean the milk system. Perform milk system cleaning program using milk system cleaning liquid (see user manual). Disassemble the milk system and clean it manually. If needed, soak all parts in the solution with the milk system cleaning liquid.

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4 review(s)
  1. Jon Locke
    Verified purchase
    November 13, 2020
    The machine is very easy to operate and makes a great cup of coffee. The ability to adjust the quantity of coffee dispensed from the pre-programmed drinks means that you can make a coffee to fit your favourite mug with a single button.
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  2. Susan Asbury
    Verified purchase
    November 13, 2020
    Bought to replace the DeLonghi Magnifica Automatic Cappucino that I have had for around 12 years and was still working great, however, I wanted a newer version. This is perfect, smaller than my old one so gives me more room on my kitchen side, very easy to use, looks good, makes great coffee and is used every day. I like the fact you can personalise and store (my husband likes to just press one button so he is all set up on the My Coffee for his favourite style/strength etc.,) I like variety and this machine makes it so easy, oh and I also like the feature that if you want a bit more coffee to come out just press the button again within 3 seconds and hold, perfect if it looks like it will fall short a little :-) Coffee Friend gave a great service, best price available when I purchased and delivered quickly supplying the adapter plug for UK being as it had a EU plug on.
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  3. William Matthews
    Verified purchase
    October 29, 2020
    Great machine producing great coffee once you have found the beans that suit your taste. Easy to use and unlike many machines that I have used in the past, does what it says on the box. Not the cheapest on the market but the old adage applies “you get what you pay for”
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  4. Laurel M V Monteith
    Verified purchase
    October 17, 2020
    Decent Machine and easy enough to use ( two weeks in I finally read the manual on how to make bespoke drinks) I'm just an average coffee drinker who drinks for the caffeine before taste but the coffee is good and the milk froths up nicely for flat whites. I feel that their isn't enough coffee on a milky coffee but its easy enough to just add a double shot to any drink for a kick.
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