Summer camping companion – freshly brewed coffee

Sitting at home is no longer an option. With a weather getting better each day, everybody is rushing to get away on weekends and spend some time in the nature or preparing for a long-awaited holiday. But what if you can’t imagine a day without a cup of quality coffee? Coffee Mate Alice shares some solutions to help you enjoy your beloved coffee drinks while on holiday or during a long road trip away from home. Here are some of her tips.

Camping with a portable coffee maker

Preparing for a weekend with friends or family outside the city? Warm cup of coffee will come in handy with an early morning breakfast or accompany late night conversations near a camp fire. And if you know that coffee is the most delicious and aromatic when freshly ground, no worries – all is possible!

So, leave an empty place in your picnic bag for a compact coffee maker Cafflano “Klassic Coffee Red”. It has an integrated ceramic burr with foldaway handle, which will let you freshly ground coffee beans on the highest mountain tops or near the most secluded lake. By the way, there’s an isolated reusable container, so you can relax and forget about the troubles of cold coffee or a place to store used coffee grounds.

For a cozy summer evening Coffee Mate Alice recommends 100% arabica coffee beans Café Liégeois “Venezia Corsato”. Refreshing aroma of spring flowers, mint and blackcurrant leaves will remind of blooming spring and the awakening of nature. And after a hot day, a long-lasting aftertaste will fill your summer evening with truly refreshing sensations.

Suitcase’s almost full, long vacation awaits, but without a cup of espresso the days won’t be as good? There will definitely be a place for a compact Cafflano “Kompresso“ coffee maker, which is a little bit smaller than a travel version. Thanks to the high pressure technology you will be able to enjoy quality espresso like it was made by a professional barista or with automatic coffee machine, just how you like it.

For careless days in suburbs

Summer holiday or weekends in a distant suburb could also be the place to enjoy freshly made coffee drinks. Compact and stylish capsular coffee machines will quickly prepare desired coffee drinks and won’t require much care.

For various drinks, from espresso to caramel macchiato, or even cacao and ice tea, Alice recommends NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto “Jovia” coffee machine. Milk drinks made with this coffee machine have a particularly thick and silky foam. You will definitely find your favourite taste from a variety of “NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto” or “Café Liégeois” capsule assortment. For those who like espresso and black coffee there is an elegant and compact duo – “Nespresso” coffee machine and plenty of “Café Liégeois” capsule flavour!

Special way of coffee preparation – perfect for a road trip

Most trips begin with a car ride. Avoid stopping for a cup of coffee in every gas station – now you can enjoy your favourite coffee inside your car! Compact and specially made for travelling – Handpresso “Auto Capsule” coffee machine needs to be connected to 12V unit and within a couple of minutes it will brew a cup of quality espresso from your chosen coffee capsule.

This coffee machine is a perfect fit for ”Café Liégeois“ capsules. This way, you won’t need to worry about the mess and used coffee grounds. You will enjoy cleanliness, comfort, and of course – delicious, high-quality coffee.

Portable cups – your everyday companions

Friends arranged a surprise trip to the lake? Or maybe there’s a planned weekend trip to the suburbs with no coffee machine nearby? A thermo cup will become an inseparable buddy during summer trips.

They are not only sustainable, stylish and comfortable to use, but also keep drinks hot or cold, so your ice-coffee remains very refreshing. If it’s hard to choose, Alice recommends “The Mighty Mug”. With this cup you will forget splashes and spilled coffee, because of a “Smartgrip” technology the cup won’t fall over even when accidentally stumbled. Forget disposable cups and replace them with reusable and environmentally friendly “KeepCup” cups.