How Kasparas went from tons of sugar to a proper espresso

WHO: Coffee Mate’s head of service Kasparas Bražys
COFFEE: Café Liégeois “Magnifico”, Coffee Mate’s beans “Maragogype“
COFFEE DRINK: Black coffee and a proper espresso
PREPARATION METHOD: bean-to-cup coffee machine
COFFEE (for me) is: the best way to make connections

Your first experience with coffee?

If being completely honest, I wasn’t a fan of coffee at all. I had it rarely and only with tons of sugar. I’ve started my journey in Coffee Mate when coffee machine service centre needed to be established. I was interested in technical aspects of coffee machines, while coffee itself wasn’t my interest at all… Maybe it was related to previous experiences of tasting really bad coffee. But after I became a Coffee Mate and tried coffee here, I have discovered whole new flavours and I wouldn’t dare to ruin it with sugar anymore.

How many cups of coffee do you usually drink per day?

Umm…it’s quite a number here – on average from 5 to 8 cups.

Your favourite coffees here at Coffee Mate

I have a different favourite coffee each month, because we always have coffee of the month which eventually becomes your favourite. But my absolute favourite coffee is Café Liégeois “Magnifico” and Coffee Mate’s beans “Maragogype“. Why? Because it’s simply delicious!

What is your coffee ritual at home?

During work week it’s kind of simple – reach the office as quickly as possible for that first cup of coffee 🙂 While during weekends me and my family enjoy long breakfasts where I’m in charge of coffee – I simply press the button on our automatic coffee machine 😀 That’s how we drink 2 to 3 cups of delicious coffee.

An unusual coffee experience?

Last summer me and my wife spent our honeymoon in Spain. While walking through narrow streets of Girona we stumbled upon a small cafe to grab coffee to go. As I looked around the cafe, I saw a coffee roaster and instantly asked the personnel do they roast their coffee beans here. After receiving a positive response, I insisted on staying there, because this type of coffee deserves more than a cup to go. Within an hour, I had already enjoyed two espresso cups, one lungo and on top of everything a cup of nitro coffee (laughs). Coffee was amazing, but the end of the day was interesting – after that amount of coffee I had energy to blow off the roof!

Another experience is related to the reason why I stopped drinking coffee with milk. I used to enjoy coffee with milk as a dessert sometime before, but after I encountered all the machines that come to the service (both from offices and cafes) and saw how people take care of milk systems – I stopped drinking coffee with milk for good. Now I ONLY drink black coffee. So, please, if you have a coffee machine with milk system, clean it everyday!! It’s a myth that maintenance is hard, it only takes seconds to enjoy good coffee at home at all times.

Favourite coffee recipe

Simple black coffee or a proper espresso. Why spoil good coffee with some unnecessary additives?

If not coffee, then what?

Whiskey… Well all right, water (laughs).

Coffee is….?

A way to make a connection. Now when I know so much about coffee machines and coffee, I can become like a consultant to some people. That way coffee opens up possibilities to bond. Our service clients are a good example: we start talking about their coffee machines or coffee drinking habits and end up the conversation like old friends.