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How are coffee machine cleaning tablets different from descaling agents?

Cleaning tablets are designed to clean those parts of the machine through which coffee flows. They remove all coffee residues, oils and deposits. Descaling liquid is used for those parts of the machine through which water flows. Only by performing both of these procedures and maintaining the coffee machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions will … Continued

How often should my coffee machine be cleaned?

As a rule, the maintenance of your coffee machine depends on the intensity of its use. The following frequencies are distinguished: Daily maintenance: Cleaning the coffee grounds tray (its capacity is specified in the product description) Rinsing the funnels Cleaning the milk system Periodic (once a month/week) Cleaning the brew unit (except for JURA coffee … Continued

Are all-purpose cleaners suitable for a coffee machine?

When it comes to proper maintenance of your coffee machine, we always recommend consulting your supplier. Most maintenance products are suitable for all kinds of coffee machines. However, there are certain brands that require specific measures due to their unique principle of operation.

How to choose a coffee machine that is right for me?

We’ve written an informative article about choosing the best coffee machine for you. Click the link to find out more: Still can’t decide? We’re here to help! Our customer support team can provide you with valuable advice and help you choose the best model for you. Contact us at or +441202029699

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