Better than cake – 3 dessert coffees

#Dessert coffees

Probably just like you, I can’t imagine the coldest season of the year without a steaming cup of hot tea or coffee. After an outdoor winter activity with friends and family, or during a cozy evening at home you immediately think: what drink would surprise your loved ones the most?

So the time spent at home would bring the best emotions and you won’t lack inspiration in the kitchen, I have picked 3 sizzling and delicious dessert coffee recipes from the different corners of the world. So come on – let’s travel around the tastes of the world.

Discover the real Irish coffee

If you put “Irish coffee” in the internet search field, you would get hundreds of different recipes. So, how to know which one is the most authentic? You can try a different option every time, but hot coffee, sugar, cream and the essence of this noble drink will be the main ingredients from which the real irish coffee is made. In addition, it is usually served in a glass cup with a handle – this would work well in a Coffee Mate’s “Cappuccino glass“. So, what is the real recipe of irish coffee? Continue reading and find out!

You will need:
– Hot water
– 200 ml hot coffee (for this particular drink Irish people choose dark roasted beans)
– 2 tea spoons of sugar (choose your favourite: white or brown) or according to your needs
– Splash of the Irish whiskey essence or the drink itself
– 2 table spoons of heavy cream
– Glass cup or a glass

1. Pour the hot water into the cup and let it rest for 2-3 minutes;
2. Spill the water away and pour the coffee into the cup, mix in the sugar;
3. Add the essence while mixing;
4. Pour the heavy cream in to the bowl and whip it until it turns into foam, but not too thick. You can use a whisk or an electric mixer;
5. Hold the spoon upside down and slowly pour in the whipped cream, so it becomes as a top layer of the coffee.

Italian bicerin coffee – for hot chocolate lovers

This is a traditional Turin drink which in the 1500s was served as a hot chocolate. This coffee is prepared from a locally made chocolate, strong italian coffee and whipped cream on top. By the way it is still popular among italians. If you or your loved ones like hot chocolate – you should definitely try this type of coffee.

You will need:
– 100 ml coffee
– 100 ml hot chocolate (prepare it from the dark chocolate)
– 25 ml heavy cream
– Pinch of chocolate shavings

1. While the coffee machine is preparing the right amount of coffee, melt the dark chocolate in a double boiler – pour hot water into the pot and put a bowl with chocolate inside it, then slowly heat it until the chocolate melts. It is important for water not to get in the bowl while the chocolate is melting;
2. Pour the melted chocolate into the cup first – it should be third of a cup;
3. Hold the spoon upside down, above the cup and pour in the coffee;
4. Mix the heavy cream in a separate bowl with a whisk or electric mixer;
5. Hold the spoon in the same way and pour the cream until it reaches the top of the cup;
6. Top it with chocolate shavings.

Bicerin reminds of hot chocolate and fans of the latter one could quickly prepare this drink in a few simple methods, for example using a mix of natural ingredients Fonte “Classic Hot Chocolate“. You will only need to mix the needed amount with hot milk or water and top it with whipped cream and colourful toppings. I will tell you a secret – little sweet tooths really like MoMe “Flowpack Cointreau”. From the first sight it seems like a little cube on a stick, but it is actually a sweet filling covered with belgian chocolate which easily melts in the cup when poured over with hot milk. Vanilla, caramel or coconut flavours – you can choose from a wide range.

Festive mint mocha – even the Americans know about it

“Starbucks” cafe network truly helped to popularize this minty drink. However, this beloved american winter mocha, with its flavours, fascinates people from other continents too. And for all those who miss the Christmas period already – a cup of mint coffee will definitely bring back the winter holiday memories.

You will need:

For a mint syrup:
– 250 ml water
– 230 g sugar
– Pinch of fresh mint leaves or 1 table spoon of mint extract

For mocha:
– 50 ml espresso coffee
– 25 ml milk
– 30 g unsweetened chocolate
– Whipped cream
– Chopped candy canes

If you like more untraditional taste, you can exchange your home-made mint syrup into more exotic, kind of unexpected combination – cucumber and mint syrup Sweetbird “Cucumber & Mint Iced Green Tea”. This spicy combination has some trances of Asian kitchen flavours which you can use to spice up your winter tea.

While it is still snowy and the cold still bites, these delicious drinks will warm up those who are offered a cup. So maybe it is time to invite your friends to come and visit you on Friday?