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6 trends every coffee lover should know

Increased interest in healthier choices, high quality coffee and a variety of blends – the world is dominated by different trends every year. What winds are blowing in the market of coffee drinks today and how coffee lovers distinguish from one another? Coffee Mate Alice is constantly looking through coffee related news and today she’s presenting 6 main tendencies among coffee lovers of past years.

Coffee lovers – younger, but also more responsible

It’s no secret that young adults come to like coffee drinks, especially sweeter ones with milk at a younger age. Also, there’s a constant growth of innovative coffee machines with milk systems every year, therefore there are two main audiences of coffee enthusiasts: coffee world newcomers and millennials.

Modern 13-18 year olds are not familiar with the classic taste of espresso. Which is why sweet drinks like frappuccino, latte and other coffee cocktails with various syrups are more popular among this audience. Well-known combinations of milk, sugar and subtile hints of coffee – what more could you possibly want?

There’s a lot of talk about millennials in contemporary culture, who are interested not only in the taste of coffee, but also in its origin. Various thoughts about coffee are born while sipping americano: where do these coffee beans come from, and whether the people who picked the beans were fairly paid for the work they’ve put in?

Representatives of this generation are serious about social responsibility and the impact on environment, which is why they often choose production with a Fair Trade label, also they tend to remember single origin coffee.

Slowly dripping Chemex coffee drops

Chemex – real classic never goes out of style and this year is no exception. Especially aromatic and brewed with a help of a filter, coffee reveals dominant flavours of citrus or roasted peanuts. This preparation method is pretty slow, however, real coffee lovers consider it as a distinctive meditation while waiting for quality cup of coffee.

Cold brew coffee – refreshing shot of caffeine

If you’re in a hurry during hot summer mornings and don’t have time for a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink before work – it’s time to remember cold brew coffee. It’s easy to prepare, you will only need: coarser ground coffee, clean cool water, and a little bit of patience.

With a ratio 1:5 (or 1:2, if you want to prepare a concentrate, which later can be diluted with cold water) put coffee in a specially fitted coffee pot and pour in cool water. Then leave it in the fridge for 16 hours, so the water could absorb all the ethereal oils, caffeine and aroma from ground coffee.

Why is this coffee so popular? It’s prepared in advance, so it guarantees a quick wake up call every morning! Well prepared and stored in a cool place, this coffee will be suitable for around 10 days. Just be careful: the longer it sits, the stronger and bitter it gets. So it’s not recommended to store it for more than 20 hours.

And if you still lack time to create this masterpiece at home, grab one from our assortment – add a few ice cubes and enjoy.

Sparkling Nitro coffee glass

How fermented drink can attract the attention of coffee lovers? Everyone is curious to try the combo of high-level caffeine and nitrogen-filled drink. Preparation method is just as exclusive as the drink itself – nitrogen is poured into cool coffee, developing pleasant taste of velvety foam, air bubbles and creamy, textured coffee. If you’re looking for something new, this drink is made for you. Sadly, it’s not as easy to make since you do need a special coffee machine.

Bubbly coffee

If black coffee isn’t in your favourites list, you can try a bubbly coffee drink. Yes, you read it correctly. It’s only an espresso shot complemented with a tonic or any kind of lemonade. Refreshing bubbles and different variations of coffee will surprise you after the first sip.

Hints of ecology inside your cup

Influencers of healthy lifestyle are looking for healthier products everyday – coffee is no exception. In a diverse world of coffee, organic coffee offers a wide assortment too. Why is it becoming more and more popular? From plantations to our cups – these coffee beans are grown and stored without any synthetic materials. All the processes are controlled and must meet certain requirements. So, you can have a peace of mind while sipping on a drink free of harmful substances. In addition, this type of coffee is enovironmentally friendly – so everyone’s a winner in this situation.