41% Of Brits Don’t Wash Their Coffee/Tea Mug at Work After Every Use

On average, Brits will use their coffee/tea mug at least twice before washing it, new survey reveals.

A cuppa or three while you’re in the office can often get you through the working day, but just how often do Brits actually clean their coffee/tea mug after using it?

Getting to the bottom of the debate among co-workers, new survey research from UK coffee and coffee machine retailer Coffee Friend surveyed over 2000 adults and asked exactly that, with 41% of Brits revealing they don’t wash their mug after every use. Instead, they’ll keep refilling the same cup, without giving it a good rinse, to fulfill their caffeine fix.

While 58% of those surveyed religiously cleaned their mug after every use, 19% of Brits revealed they’ll head to the sink after 2-3 uses, with 11% opting for every 4-5 uses and 6% admitting to using the same cup 6-7 times before giving it a once over.

For 2% of people, their coffee/tea mug will sit on their desk for up to 8-9 uses before getting washed, while 1% will go as far as 10 uses and 3% of those asked confessed they never wash their office mug.

How often do you wash your coffee/tea mug at work, if at all?

After every use – 58%

After 2-3 uses – 19%

After 4-5 uses – 11%

After 6-7 uses – 6%

After 8-9 uses – 2%

After 10 uses – 1%

Never – 3%


Notes to editors

> Full results from a Censuswide survey on behalf of Coffee Friend
> Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles
> 2,026 UK adults surveyed 13/05/22 – 16/05/22