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"Parallel 36" reviews from our clients
I absolutely loved this coffee, its floral and woody notes were just delectible. The aroma is also just fantastic, it was just overall an amazing coff...
One of the nicest from Coffee Mate. Beautiful tasting coffee
Great flavour, amazing aroma. Another great tasting bean from The Coffee Mate team. Well recommended if you like full flavour and rich aroma.
Another great coffee

About our most popular single-origin coffee blend "Parallel 36"

Parallel 36 coffee sets

Created for true connoisseurs, suited for everyone

The single-origin coffee bean blend "Parallel 36" is the most popular variety from the "Parallel" coffee range. In this blend dedicated to the Americas, exceptional arabica coffees from El Salvador and Brazil seamlessly intertwine and complement each other. The prepared drink is marked by a rich aroma, as well as subtle notes of chocolate, peanuts, wood and flowers.



El Salvador and Brazil


Single-origin arabica bean blend




Chocolate, Peanuts, Wood, Flowers

Frequently asked questions

If you're still unsure whether buying a coffee set is truly worth it, our answers to the most frequently asked questions might help you decide.

Buying a coffee set will allow you to purchase more coffee for a lower price and enjoy it for longer.

Unlike the majority of food products, coffee doesn't actually expire. However, manufacturers usually indicate the recommended use-by date — up until that point, coffee retains its aroma and flavour to the fullest. This is generally between 12 and 18 months after the roasting date.

Coffee should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. Using special vacuum coffee containers is also a good idea — they'll protect your coffee from the effects of sun, humidity and air, hence keeping it fresh for longer.

It all depends on the coffee portion you use when brewing a single cup. In general, to prepare one serving, around 10 g of coffee is needed. As a result, 1 kg of beans can allow you to brew around 100 servings. If you tend to use a double portion of coffee in your drinks, cut this number in half.

When choosing coffee, consider the following:

1. The type of coffee. If you're looking for subtle flavours, pick 100% arabica blends. If you're a fan of intense taste, go for arabica and robusta blends. If you're in search of truly exceptional, gourmet experiences, you should definitely give single-origin coffee a try.
2. The coffee-growing region. If you tend to enjoy traditional coffee flavours the most, South American or Asian varieties are very likely to be best suited to your taste. Lovers of fruity, berryish, exotic notes won't be disappointed by coffees originating from Africa and Central America.
3. The processing method. If you've decided to purchase some single-origin coffee, don't forget to consider its processing method: dry-processed coffee is sweeter and juicier, while the washed method endows the beans with fruitiness, vividness and a certain purity of taste.
4. The roast level. The darker the roast of the beans, the closer their flavour gets to the classic Italian-style coffee, which is marked by intensity and bitterness. The lighter the roast, the more fruity, berryish notes the coffee is endowed with.
5. The tasting notes. Choosing coffee based on the dominant tasting notes and the flavour description is probably the easiest way to make your decision. Which combination sounds more enticing to you at the moment: chocolate, cocoa and caramel, or blueberries, blackcurrants and vanilla?