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Join us on a coffee break in South America!


In addition to producing the majority of the coffee consumed globally, South America also boasts their coffees being one of the world's favourite. There's no doubt: South American coffee is a true classic amongst the numerous coffee varieties originating from all over the world.


  • Perfect for those who enjoy classic coffee flavours
  • No acidity! (or no more than a subtle hint)
  • Suited for various coffee brewing methods

Flavours of South American coffee

South American coffees are characterised by a balanced flavour, creaminess and sweetness. They're often referred to as being simply "coffeeish"! In these coffees, the palette of classic coffee flavours beloved by the fans of this drink exquisitely unfurls: there are notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts. If you're going to encounter a hint of acidity in this type of coffee at all, it's guaranteed to be subtle and hardly even noticeable. Let's go on a journey across South American flavours while sipping coffee originating from various countries of this beautiful region!

Brazilian coffee

Brazil is often called "the land of coffee" — and the name is certainly well-deserved! This country is the world's largest producer and exporter of coffee. The traditional flavours and aromas of Brazilian coffee are what entices the fans of this drink to purchase it again and again. After all, who could resist a cup of coffee with the sweet taste of milk chocolate and vivid nutty notes in it?

Colombian coffee

Coffess originating from Colombia — a neighbour of Brazil — are characterised by a more vivid flavour and a fuller body. "Darker" notes of dark chocolate, caramel and liqueur dominate here, while sweet notes of dried fruit and even unexpected hints of tropical fruit can also be encountered from time to time. By the way, if you're up for trying Colombian specialty coffee, prepare to be surprised: its flavour palette defies any categorisation. That makes it even more interesting though, doesn't it?

Peruvian coffee

The treasure of Peruvian coffee is much harder to come across. On the mountains of the Peruvian Andes, only a small amount of coffee grows — which makes it all the more exciting to true fans of this unique drink. Its flavour is balanced and sweet, while the texture is exceptionally smooth. Notes of chocolate and honey can be vividly felt, while some subtle hints of citrus may also surprise the palete.

Frequently asked questions

Are you still unsure if the flavour of South American coffee is something that you'd enjoy? Are you struggling to decide whether you should try Brazilian, Colombian or Peruvian coffee beans first? Look through the frequently asked questions about South American coffee — they might help you make your final decision.

The traditional palette of coffee flavours includes notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts, while hints of fruit — or the so-called acidity — are rarely encountered. The former are the kind of tastes that are referred to as "coffeeish" by coffee experts. They tend to dominate in South American coffees (although there are exceptions too).

Brazilian coffees are characterised by the flavour profile typical of South American varieties. We recommend giving the "Brazil Santa Luzia" specialty coffee a try — you can find it in our coffee assortment. The well-balanced drink combines sweet notes of milk chocolate and caramel, while the subtle aroma of ripe fruit lends it a refreshing quality.

South American coffees are particularly universal, so they're suited for various brewing methods. Both espresso coffee machines and filter coffee makers reveal their flavour equally well. When choosing coffee, don't forget to take its roast level and the recommended brewing method into account though!

A true coffee connoisseur is always on a search for something exceptional and unique — this is exactly what Coffee Friend's limited-edition specialty coffee "Colombia Geisha" is like. Exquisite notes of tropical kiwis and jasmine play first fiddle here. They're accompanied by the traditional flavour of honey.

Almost all coffees sold by Coffee Friend are suited for bean-to-cup coffee machines (unless it's indicated in the description that filter brewing methods are recommended). If you're interested in blends containing South American coffees, we recommend the extremely popular "Caprissimo Fragrante", which is perfect for an everyday cup, or the luxurious single-origin coffee bean blend called "Parallel 36". Fans of specialty coffee will enjoy "Brazil Santa Luzia", a new addition to Coffee Friend's assortment, which our clients have already fallen in love with.