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SORoast - a line of speciality coffees that come from smallholder farms, are roasted locally in the UK and dispatched just 2 days right after roasting to your home or office. Roasted in small batches, allowing a day to pack and let the beans rest after high-temperature exposure. Every single package has the date of roasting, so you know exactly how fresh your coffee is. SORoast offers differet ethically sourced coffees from Africa and America, also Decaf option and a special, well-balanced blend that’s great for any occasion.

Carringtons Coffee Co.

At Carringtons Coffee Co. single origin specialty coffees are being roasted for all brewing methods including cold brew coffee. As small-batch coffee roasters they hand-roast fully traceable coffees from single estates and cooperatives all over the world, each with unique flavour profiles and characteristics. Carringtons Coffee Co. makes all efforts to source, roast and package coffee in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Two Chimps

Two Chimps Coffee

Two Chimps Coffee is the creation of Andy & Laura and is based in the heart of Rutland. After leaving behind the world of wedding photography, they decided to learn all they could about coffee and opened their roastery. They attended the London School of Coffee and have read every book going! Now nearly 4 years old, they've developed the knowledge and experience to supply fresh hand-roasted coffee to all of their customers.

Lincoln Coffee House

Lincoln Coffee is a family run business founded by Jas and Simmi. Having
thought that Reading lacked the speciality coffee experience, the couple
decided to open their first coffee house back in 2013. The exceptional
coffee and delicious food served in the café quickly made Lincoln Coffee
Reading’s favourite speciality coffee and bagel shop, and Lincoln Coffee
became a well-known destination for coffee drinkers and foodies.