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SORoast - a line of speciality coffees that come from smallholder farms, are roasted locally in the UK and dispatched just 2 days right after roasting to your home or office. Roasted in small batches, allowing a day to pack and let the beans rest after high-temperature exposure. Every single package has the date of roasting, so you know exactly how fresh your coffee is. SORoast offers differet ethically sourced coffees from Africa and America, also Decaf option and a special, well-balanced blend that’s great for any occasion.

Carringtons Coffee Co.

At Carringtons Coffee Co. single origin specialty coffees are being roasted for all brewing methods including cold brew coffee. As small-batch coffee roasters they hand-roast fully traceable coffees from single estates and cooperatives all over the world, each with unique flavour profiles and characteristics. Carringtons Coffee Co. makes all efforts to source, roast and package coffee in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Two Chimps Coffee

Two Chimps Coffee is the creation of Andy & Laura and is based in the heart of Rutland. After leaving behind the world of wedding photography, they decided to learn all they could about coffee and opened their roastery. They attended the London School of Coffee and have read every book going! Now nearly 4 years old, they've developed the knowledge and experience to supply fresh hand-roasted coffee to all of their customers.

Lincoln Coffee House

Lincoln Coffee is a family run business founded by Jas and Simmi. Having
thought that Reading lacked the speciality coffee experience, the couple
decided to open their first coffee house back in 2013. The exceptional
coffee and delicious food served in the café quickly made Lincoln Coffee
Reading’s favourite speciality coffee and bagel shop, and Lincoln Coffee
became a well-known destination for coffee drinkers and foodies.

Specialty Cafétiere

They only serve the absolute freshest coffee to you making sure you receive your coffee within 1 week of roast. Their team of professional roasters and tasters is working for offering not just a coffee, but an experience that your senses will never forget. It’s surprising how different brewing methods can highlight different characteristics in your coffee!

Colco Coffee

Colco Coffee began on a farm in Salazar, Norte de Santander, Colombia with Don Jose and remains a family business sourcing and roasting some of Colombia’s finest coffee. Colco Coffee products are named after family members and also after terms of endearment. At Colco Coffee they are firm believers that what makes a good cup of coffee is ensuring the correct roasts are performed to bring out the best flavours, not only each bean but also each crop which is why they follow the same principles we have used for generations.

Coffee World

As the first roaster of coffee in Cambridge, Coffee World has continued to grow and expand by consistently providing customers with the optimum experience whether. Your needs are individual and they know that. So from tailoring the perfect package, providing a unique custom roast blend to machine maintenance, they draw on their experience and knowledge in all areas of the coffee industry to provide exceptional service in everything they do.

London Grade Coffee

London Coffee Grade found the Nadanvan estate in Tamil Nadu two years ago and began importing their coffee beans, through Mumbai to London. They are roasted with great skill at the Tate Roastery on Millbank in small batches, then despatched to the customers. LGC is plastic free! They pack their coffee in recyclable Kraft paper bags, and the sugar cane paper labels are compostable. All of the packagings that are used to deliver the coffee to the customers is made from recycled paper.

John Watt & Son

John Watt & Son have roasted Coffee in Carlisle since their original shop opened in Glovers Row in 1865 their blending recipes are closely guarded secrets that have evolved and been handed down over the past 150 years. John Watt & Son, purveyors of quality catering, sourcing the finest ingredients using local produce, freshly roasted coffee and blended teas across the UK. The ethos of John Watt & Son continues throughout all these operations in that where possible all the product used are sourced within a 50-mile radius of the premises.

Quirky Coffee Co.

Coffee has always been something that Michelle, the founder of Quirky Coffee Co., have enjoyed drinking and finding that perfect brew was something that she had always been on the hunt for. Some were close, some not at all, so she's decided to source and roast her own beans to perfection. Now she confesses, her journey into the world of coffee was a learning curve – there is far more to coffee than just drinking it. Michelle's company ethos is to treat people how you want to be treated.

Mission Coffee Works

Started as a street van serving coffee, later Mission Coffee Works permanently settled as a roaster with all the focus on the beans. At Mission Coffee, they roast green coffee beans to perfection and make sure their clients will know what to do with them. Moreover, they work with fair and transparent pricing, sustainable relationships, and environmentally sound practices. The aim is to make sure, that from your cup of coffee, everyone gets some sort of gain.
At Mission their job is simple — source brilliant green coffee and roast it with care. They wish you'll have as much fun brewing it as they did getting it to you.

Limini Coffee

Their story started way before they set up in 2008 when Youri came to the UK with Samantha after travelling the world together. After working in various coffee shops they decided on setting up Limini Coffee as they felt there was a market for a friendly professional coffee supplier who truly believes in looking after the customer. Today, Limini supplies speciality coffee all over the UK and run courses every single day at the training centre and roastery in West Yorkshire. Started small, now they have a fantastic team that is small and lovely and work hard to deliver the very best service.

Durham Coffee

Durham Coffee are excited to connect people with Durham and the North-East through coffee – offering ethically sourced speciality coffee with a local twist. All of their coffee is speciality coffee and sourced from a sustainable supply chain which can be traced back directly to the coffee farm. Their suppliers work in close partnership with the farmers to ensure the highest quality, sustainability and fair prices. This leads to long-term relationships helping coffee farmers to build sustainable businesses, and us to roast and deliver the best coffee for your business.