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Espresso coffee machines


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What are the rules for making coffee with a manual espresso coffee machine?

The basis of the manual espresso coffee machine is a real, Italian origin espresso drink. Therefore, the main rules of making coffee are based on the proportions of this drink. Thus, if you want to know if your prepared espresso coffee is top class, know - you have to get 25 ml of coffee extract, that was extracted at a pressure of 8-9 bar in 20-30 s. These exact parameters are considered to be classic in the coffee world . Knowing that espresso is the basis for all other coffee drinks and once you have learned how to prepare it properly, you will be able to experiment further.

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What are the differences between manual espresso coffee machines?

Manual espresso coffee machines are designed for home or professional use, i.e. catering establishments - restaurants, cafes, etc. Of course, if you want to improve your coffee making skills at home, you can always find a professional model suitable for your home as well. To make good quality coffee, you will need to learn how to properly grind, press, and push down the water at the right time and in the right amount. Manual espresso coffee machine models, designed for home are a bit simplified and their usage is not very different from a bean-to-cup coffee machine. However, unlike the bean-to-cup coffee machine, this one requires freshly grinded coffee (as fresh as possible) and the right pressure. And by pre-programming the preferred water amount, you can repeat it each time with just one click of a button .

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Why is it worth choosing an espresso (manual) coffee machine?

If you love the process of making coffee even more than the coffee itself, then a manual espresso coffee machine is just for you! When making coffee with this type of coffee machine, you have the freedom to improvise and experiment. However, in order to make the perfect coffee you will have to put some effort - get acquainted with the rules of coffee making, find the right level of coffee grinding and to test your abilities by properly brewing it. So if you are willing to spend more than a few minutes when making coffee, feel free to choose from the espresso (manual) coffee machines category.

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