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How to clean your coffee machine?

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Nobody likes cleaning, right? Luckily, coffee machines are quite easy to maintain—most of them have automatic cleaning programs. However, there are a few things you should know about daily care and non-daily procedures, and we have a few tips up our sleeves which we are more than happy to share, so read up.

Daily care. Let’s keep it hygienic!

Cleaning the coffee spouts.

It’s a very simple procedure, you only need a special thin brush, which can easily go up the spout and make sure it’s nice and clean. If you think it’s okay to skip this step, your spouts can get clogged and… stop making coffee! Makes sense, right? It’s best to keep an eye on it and make sure to clean it regularly.

Cleaning the milk system.

The function “rinse milk system“ does exactly what it says—rinses. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. It’s not considered cleaning, it’s just rinsing—while helps maintain freshness, it does not guarantee your milk system is squeaky clean. It’s important to clean milk system thoroughly, especially during summer, or in warm rooms, otherwise, milk can go sour really quickly, and instead of delicious coffee aroma you will smell some very unappetising smells. On top of that, milk can also create clogs, which will make it difficult to achieve that perfectly smooth milk foam.  Generally speaking— you shouldn’t wait for the machine to “ask” for cleaning, just do it daily and you won’t have any of the mentioned problems.

Cleaning coffee machine. The Coffee Mate

How to clean the milk frother?

  • Disconnect the milk pipe, simply pull it towards yourself.
  • Take out the milk frother—gently pull it towards yourself, then clean the inside space with a brush or a dry napkin.
  • Take apart the frother. There are 4 parts – frother (1), air regulator (2), valve (3) and head of the frother (4).
  • Clean each part in lukewarm water and dry it off with a clean napkin.
  • Put the parts back back together, make sure it’s connected well.
  • Place the milk frother back into the machine.
  • Attach the milk pipe and enjoy your milky cappuccino!

Tip: Once a week soak the frother parts and the pipe in cleaning liquid for a few minutes to guarantee highest hygiene level.

Not Daily care. Roll up your sleeves!

Cleaning the boiling block.

This step is for all automatic coffee machines, except Jura. Jura coffee machines have a special system and the boiling block doesn’t require additional cleaning. The boiling block should be taken care of every 600 cups. Clean it well and your coffee will preserve its taste and aroma, and the machine won’t clog, serving you a long time.

Cleaning coffee machine. The Coffee Mate

How to clean the boiling block?

  • Turn your coffee machine off.
  • For safety – unplug the machine.
  • Open the doors located on the side.
  • Press ‘’unlock“ on the boiling block. It can be a button or a switch.
  • If there are any additional holders, make sure to press your hand over them so the boiling part could be easily removed.
  • Take a good grip of the boiling part and pull it out of the machine.
  • Rinse the boiling part in the lukewarm water.
  • Use a wipe to clean and thoroughly dry the boiling part.
  • Put the boiling part back into the machine.
  • ‘’Lock“ it back in the place so it doesn’t move around and close the doors.

Tip: If you make around 10 cups of coffee a day, make sure to use a lubricant (maintenance grease) on the boiling part once a monththis will help prolong the serving time of your machine.

Cleaning your automatic coffee machine.

Automatic coffee machines will let you know when the system should be rinsed. You shouldn’t confuse rinsing with cleaning. Follow these easy steps to clean your automatic coffee machine.

Cleaning coffee machine. The Coffee Mate

How to clean your coffee machine?

  • The machine will let you know when to perform internal rinsing.
  • Take out the water tank, remove the water filter.
  • Fill up your water tank with fresh water.
  • Go to the menu and choose the program ‘’Clean“.
  • Press START.
  • Empty grounds container—throw away used coffee grounds and get rid of leftover water.
  • Check, if the spout is in the correct position (or the machine won’t start the cleaning program).
  • The machine will let you know that the cleaning is starting.
  • Pop the cleaning tablet into its ‘’drawer“.
  • Press START.
  • The machine should clean itself. Once it’s done, pour the water out of the grounds container, and insert the container back into the machine.

Tip: When emptying coffee grounds, don’t forget to spill out water as well! Leaving the water in for too long may cause bad smells from your grounds container.