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Looking for a coffee to jolt you right out of your sleep in the morning, help you stay awake during the day and remain energised even when you have hardly slept at all the night before? Or perhaps you’re convinced that real coffee MUST be intense and strong? Whichever of these two groups you belong to, “Intenso” is the brew for you!

This blend of Brazilian and Vietnamiese varieties combines arabica (45%) and robusta (an impressive 55%!!!) beans, so there’s guaranteed to be enough caffeine in here. To provide you with both a burst of energy and the exquisite pleasure of a delicious cup of coffee, the beans boast subtle notes of dark chocolate, an intriguing hint of toasted nuts, and some peppery spiciness too.


Designed for a delicious daily cuppa, this is Coffee Friend’s best-selling range of coffees. Blends of various different flavours are suited well both for regular black coffee and your favourite milk-based drinks.

Ingredients: roasted coffee beans.

Storage conditions: store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.