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Are you a fan of milk-based coffee drinks? Then listen up! Actually, do listen up even if you prefer your coffee black. We’ve spent a long time looking for a blend that would go perfectly with milk, and we’re glad to announce we’ve finally found it! It’s our new “Crema”, the ideal base for creamy cappuccinos and delicious lattes. It turns out though that you don’t even need milk to enjoy the exquisite flavour of these beans: seductively sweet notes are unveiled just as well in a cup of regular black coffee.

This blend of Brazilian and Ugandan varieties combines arabica (80%) and robusta (20%) beans. Each sip boasts sweet notes of caramel, the pleasant bitterness of dark chocolate, as well as a delicious hint of nuts.


Designed for a delicious daily cuppa, this is Coffee Friend’s best-selling range of coffees. Blends of various different flavours are suited well both for regular black coffee and your favourite milk-based drinks.

Ingredients: roasted coffee beans.

Storage conditions: store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.