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Coffee machine De’Longhi “Dinamica ECAM 350.15.B”

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About product

The De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.15.B automatic coffee machine with a modern design freshly grinds coffee beans each time and makes coffee at the touch of a button. Using the steam nozzle, you will whip the milk foam for drinks with milk. Intuitive operation and easy maintenance allow you to enjoy coffee quickly and easily.


Choose traditional espresso, lungo and black coffee recipes, and try a special, slow-brewed long black coffee. Adjust the coffee strength, temperature and portion size according to your individual taste.


Integrated function for preparation 2 cups allows to prepare 2 coffee portions at once: for yourself and your friend.


Make your favorite coffee from beans and ground coffee. Using ground coffee prepare one serving at a time.


Using the steam nozzle, you can very easily prepare a dense milk foam for milky drinks. All you have to do is to pour milk to the cup, dip the steam nozzle and select the steam function.


Intuitive control panel with backlighted touch buttons and icons.


Due to the modern Italian-style and glowing black body the coffee mahine will fit perfectly into a modern interior.

For the first cup of coffee

Delicious coffees for your new coffee machine! Here are some coffees that will go well with both black and milk-based coffee drinks.

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General features

Type Automatic
Manufacturer De'Longhi
Color Black
Warranty 24 months
Coffee machine uses Coffee beans, Ground coffee
Milk system type Manual frother
Type of coffee grinder Steel
User-created recipes 4
Height-adjustable coffee spout 135 mm
Power 1450 W
Water pump pressure 15 BAR
Country of Origin Romania
EAN 8004399331143
Plug EU plug (and certified UK conversion plug is included)


Coffee machine's screen None
Coffee machine's menu language english, german
Control type Touch buttons


Water tank 1.8 l
Coffee bean tank 300 g
Coffee grounds capacity (portions) 14


Number of black coffees prepared at once 2
Number of coffee with milk recipes prepared at once 0
Adjustable grinding level 13
Portion size Programmable
Coffee strength (levels) 5
Coffee temperature (levels) 4

Maintenance programs

Descaling program Yes
Automatic rinsing Yes

Dimensions and weight

Depth 44 cm
Height 36 cm
Width 24 cm
Weight 9.5 kg

Preparable recipes

Other Hot water, Steam
Coffee Black coffee, Espresso, Long black, Lungo

Package contains

Package contains (*The manufacturer reserves the right to change the items included in the set without prior notice*), Cleaning brush, Descaling liquid, Ground coffee dosing spoon, Water filter, Water hardness test strip

For coffee machine's maintenance

Proper care can increase the lifespan of your coffee machine. You will need these maintenance products to keep your machine preparing the best coffee.

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Coffee machine's extras

These accessories will make coffee preparation process even more convenient and pleasant, and prepared coffee will surely be tastier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee machine signals that the grounds container is full, although it is empty.

This happens when the grounds container was emptied out when coffee machine is switched off. The system doesn’t recognise that the grounds were thrown away. Now, when the appliance is switched on, remove the drip tray together with the grounds container and reinsert it.

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How to regulate the grinding level?

You can find the grinding adjustment knob in the bean container.
For the courser grinding level: while the grinder is in motion, dial it by one notch towards number 7 (at once only by one notch).
For the finer grinding level: whilr the grinder is in motion, dial it by one notch towards number 1 (at once only by one notch).
It is very important to regulate the grinder only when the grinder is grinding, otherwise you can damage the grinding mechanism. Result of your adjustment can be felt only after a few drinks.

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What must be done when the coffee brewing unit is stuck?

This means that the brewing unit has not returned to its original position. Turn off the coffee machine completely (using the button on the back), switch the coffee machine on again and let it run for a full rinsing cycle, and switch it off again. The brewing unit had to return to its place. Now try to remove it.

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The coffee machine doesn't froth a good milk froth anymore.

1. Make sure that milk you are using is fresh and at refrigerator temperature (when the milk is finished and you are pouring the new one, please clean the milk container throughly before adding the new milk).
2. Clean the milk system. Perform milk system cleaning program using milk system cleaning liquid (see user manual). Disassemble the milk system and clean it manually. If needed, soak all parts in the solution with the milk system cleaning liquid.

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12 review(s)
  • July 10, 2021

    I wasn’t too sure at first because it was a different model to the one I thought I was buying (my fault), but now I’ve found the right cup and strength of coffee I like it’s brilliant, and so was the service from Coffee Friend, so thank you.

  • March 21, 2021

    My order arrived quickly (faster than they’d advertised) and the coffee machine is perfect, at a much better price than other vendors. I would definitely buy again from here!

  • March 5, 2021

    Like many people, I am spending more time at home and purchased this machine (and recommended beans from CF) to improve the quality of coffee I consumed absent my usual coffee shop. I did lots of research and the price of this machine was considerably cheaper on CF than purchasing direct from the manufacturer and Amazon. It was also delivered promptly and was very well packaged. If like me, you prefer black coffees this machine is absolutely perfect and easily fits in small kitchen too. Coffee is not super hot, but I prefer that way as believe that helps the coffee to sing. Only slight drawback (hence 4 stars) is the “plasticy” nature of the machine itself – others with more chrome accents or colour options may look more stylish, but no question that this does not detract from the quality of the coffee it produces and makes it easier to clean.

    • August 21, 2021

      We bought this model about six months ago, from CF, I could not find it cheaper anywhere else.
      The machine itself has a neat appearance, and is not massive, the only criticism I have aesthetically, is the chrome drip tray top, which would be better in brushed steel, as despite best efforts, the bases of cups and mugs do scratch and mark it.
      We have only ever used beans, and the grind is still as it was at set up stage, and it makes pleasant coffee, the grounds look nicely milled when I empty the hopper, so I have found no need to adjust the grind setting.
      You have plenty of coffee choices, expresso, ristretto, small cup, large cup of coffee, there is also a two cup setting.
      The milk steamer, has good pressure, and froths 200-250 mls of ice cold milk, to a good temperature without running out of steam pressure. This means you can also make very nice hot chocolate.
      We decided that the manual milk steamer on this model better suited us, as you control how hot you make the milk. I like coffee hot, so I also warm my mug with hot water prior, and I think you would probably need to if you just drank an expresso shot and like it quite hot.
      Day to day maintenance, is very simple, and consists of emptying and rinsing the grounds , and drip tray, untwisting the steam nozzle, giving that a quick swill under the tap, and refilling the water reservoir.
      We have moderately hard water and we drink on average about 3 -4 mugs of coffees a day, between us, and the descale warning light comes on about every five weeks, also I replace the water filter every 6 weeks.
      The De’Longhi descaler is not too pricey, if you buy the 500ml bottle and decant yourself. The water filters aren’t cheap, so shop around and buy in bulk to save the most. You can buy cheaper brands for this machine, but I haven’t as I’m loath to risk damaging the machine.
      When I first saw the instructions for the initial set up and descaling process, I thought the launch sequence for the space shuttle could barely be more complex, however, if you read it carefully at every stage neither process is so bad. I think the third time I descaled it, I did so without needing the instructions to hand. Descaling however does take 45-50 minutes, but for 20-25 minutes or so of that, you can pretty much leave the machine to do its own thing.
      The machine will also tell you if the grounds or drip tray need emptying, but if like me, you empty them every day, you will probably never need this warning system, unless you drink buckets of coffee.
      If you do drink quite a lot of coffee you will probably need to refill the reservoir during the day, that said, it’s not a major chore.
      So all in all, yes we like this coffee machine. It makes decent coffee, without a lot of faffing or mess, the only drawbacks are the time involved in descaling and the cost of the water filters, that said it’s still cheaper and more convenient than driving to buy coffee from a coffee house.

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