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Ceramic filter Hario “V60-1“

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About product

Ceramic Coffee Dripper Hario V60-01 is a cone-style filter with a vortex radial drain pattern and an open end. 
Cone shaped paper filters help extend contact time between water and coffee, because water flows towards the centre. You can prepare one or two small cups of coffee at the same time. 
This manual brewing method gives you the complete control over brewing time and temperature, so your coffee is brewed just the way you like it. A large hole at the bottom of the cone allows coffee to flow freely, so you can customize flavour and strength simply by adjusting the speed at which you pour hot water (pour rather quickly for lighter coffee or slowly for a darker brew).
Use of ceramic Coffee Dripper “Hario V60-01”. To prepare 320 ml of coffee: 
1. Pre-heat both paper and ceramic filters with hot water.
2. Pour out water. This will help minimize that paper-like aftertaste. 
3. Add freshly ground coffee (20 g) into the paper filter (generally, a medium-fine grind should be used).
4. Pre-infuse the grounds with 50 ml of water — the entire surface should be wet. Wait for around 10 seconds.
5. Start by pouring the rest of water into the centre and then continue in a circular motion going upwards, follow the conical shape.This should be a slow pour. 
6. After pouring the remaining water, wait until there is no water on the coffee surface and enjoy well prepared coffee.


General features

Manufacturer Hario
Color White
Material Ceramic
Country of Origin Japan
EAN 4977642723115

Dimensions and weight

Depth 10 cm
Height 8.2 cm
Width 11.9 cm
Weight 295 g


How to prepare delicious coffee with the V60 filter?

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