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Buy 1, get 1 FREE


Caprissimo coffee 1+1


Add 2 packs of any type of "Caprissimo" 1 kg coffee beans to your shopping basket and pay for 1 only.

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Buy 2, pay for 1
Caprissimo coffee 1+1

Add 2 packs of any type of "Caprissimo" 1 kg coffee beans to your shopping basket and pay for 1 only.

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Take the opportunity to try different flavours or stock up on your favourite coffee. Get two identical or different packs of any "Caprissimo" coffee beans for the price of one.

Promotions and discounts do not stack. Limited stock.

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More than 1 million of our customers have already fallen in love with COFFEE FRIEND'S most popular line of coffees. Different varieties on offer are tailored to suit every taste, so you're bound to discover your favourite.

Caprissimo Fragrante

A blend of Brazilian coffees for lovers of traditional flavours. The aroma is marked by the sweetness of peanut butter and chocolate, while the flavour boasts notes of milk chocolate.

Caprissimo Belgique

A blend of Brazilian and Honduran coffees that will delight those who love intense aromas and full-bodied brews. There's a long-lasting aftertaste of black chocolate and sweet caramel.

Caprissimo Espresso

A blend of Brazilian and Indian coffees designed for those who prefer their brews strong. The aroma of this coffee may remind you of the sweetness of wild berries, while the flavour boasts notes of roasted nuts.

Caprissimo Professional

100% arabica blend of South American and Indian coffees created for lovers of mild tastes. The aroma will remind you of ripe cherry compote, while the taste is marked by subtle notes of berries and fruit.

Caprissimo Italiano

Coming straight from a roasting house in Italy, Caprissimo Italiano is sure to delight fans of Italian coffee. Boasting natural notes of caramel, liqueur and cocoa, this coffee is marked by a truly distinctive taste.

Great tasting coffee supplied by an excellent company. Good prices and fast efficient service. I don't get my coffee from anywhere else these days
Great coffee and good price on machine, just took a few weeks to arrive but worth the wait.
Very good coffee
Excellent value, makes wonderful tasting coffee.
It's taken me years but in this blend I have found a coffee I love. It's just right for drinking at any time of the day and I love it's after taste . ...
We have been drinking Caprissimo Fragrante for about 4 years and still find it the very best tasting and breakfast type coffee bean. We will continue ...
Great coffee!!
Coffee is full of flavour and nicely rounded, no harshness which you can get with some beans and the price is very reasonable. Service was excellent ...
Fine beans, fine price And a fine flavour.
Top quality product and fantastic customer service. Can not fault at all.
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