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De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines bring true Italian coffee straight to your home. Established over a century ago, this Italian company is now one of the leaders in the global coffee machine market. Italian brewing traditions, passion for coffee, years of experience — these are the secrets behind the success of De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines. The Italian essence of these machines won’t let you doubt their quality for a second. No model leaves the factory without being thoroughly tested: the company ensures that each machine is capable of not only serving its owner for years to come, but also of preparing delicious coffee that’s just as good as the one brewed in a café. 

High-quality coffee preparation is ensured by the latest and most innovative brewing technologies integrated in these machines — from 19-bar pressure to the extremely modern milk system LatteCrema, which froths the perfect milk foam for your milk-based drinks. In addition, De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines are characterised by surprising functionality, ease of use and particularly simple maintenance. 

Italians are renowned not only in the world of espresso, but also in the realm of style and fashion. De’Longhi pays special attention to elegant design solutions. Thanks to the combination of contemporary and traditional style, your coffee machine will look just as impressive years later. The wide coffee machine assortment will allow you to easily find an appliance that suits your interior and satisfies the highest quality standards. 

Reliability and time-tested quality, delicious coffee, functionality, ease of use and maintenance all put De‘Longhi amongst the world’s most popular coffee machine manufacturers. These qualities have allowed the company to maintain this position for years, while the Italian design of these appliances earned them numerous awards in competitions of the world’s most stylish coffee machines.

Features of De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines

Pressure of 15 or 19 bar

To ensure that coffee prepared by De’Longhi machines is brewed according to the best Italian traditions, which are geared towards making the drink extremely aromatic and thick, most De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines use 15-bar pressure when brewing coffee. In premium-class machines, however, the pressure is 19 bar. Pressure that high unveils the best features of flavour hidden in your coffee. A cup of espresso prepared in this way is sure to transport every coffee lover to the native land of De’Longhi — Northern Italy — for a moment or two. 

Beans and ground coffee

All De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines prepare drinks from both beans and pre-ground coffee. A steel grinder integrated in these appliances ensures extreme precision — this is important because, as every coffee expert will tell you, precise grinding is one of the key elements of proper coffee-making. The same can be said about a wide range of grind levels available in these machines (as many as 13!): it enables coffee lovers to choose the best settings for each new coffee variety. When beans are ground properly, every nuance of their aroma is revealed and, once the drink is brewed, these subtleties of flavour become much more vivid. If you use pre-ground coffee, you’ll be able to skip the infusion process thanks to a separate opening for ground coffee integrated in all De’Longhi machines. The universality of De’Longhi machines becomes evident not only when choosing between beans and ground coffee, but also when using different bean varieties. Different features of flavour are unveiled: if you choose beans that are supposed to be a little bit bitter, you’ll definitely feel the bitterness in your drink, and if your beans are acidic, this acidity will be present in your coffee too. This is why De’Longhi machines are particularly beloved by people who love to explore subtle nuances of taste. 

Cappuccino and LatteCrema systems for the perfect milk foam

All De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines prepare milk foam that is no less than perfect. Some of these appliances are equipped with the Cappuccino milk frothing system that allows coffee drinkers to use a steam wand. With the help of the latter, you can prepare both cappuccino and latte recipes. Moreover, maintaining the steam wand couldn’t be simpler: the wand can be easily disassembled, allowing even the smallest component to be washed thoroughly so that there are no milk residues left.  

Lovers of milk-based drinks can choose the models with the integrated automatic milk frothing system LatteCrema. Thanks to two separate hydraulic systems and precise electronic operation, not only will you be able to prepare milk-based recipes with the touch of a single button, but you’ll also have an opportunity to control milk consistency. The container with leftover milk can be stored in the fridge until you need it again. If you choose one of the machines in the PrimaDonna series though, you won’t even have to do that: a thermal milk jug will maintain the required temperature. Cold milk will help you reach the best possible frothing results. The De’Longhi milk system is also extremely easy to maintain. The plastic milk container can be washed under running water or simply put in the dishwasher. The inner part of the system is rinsed automatically — thanks to the Clean rinsing system, perfect hygiene is always ensured. 

Personal coffee recipes and user profiles

Even entry-level bean-to-cup coffee machines produced by De’Longhi allow you to change and save the settings of existing drinks. You can adjust coffee strength, portion size and even the temperature of water used to prepare coffee. Premium-class machines provide you with an additional opportunity to create and save your own recipes (the My Coffee function) or create and save several user profiles. These profiles let each family member or employee of a small office to enjoy coffee just the way they like it, without changing the settings chosen by other coffee drinkers who use the same machine. 

Hot chocolate and cold drinks

De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines are one of the few appliances on the market that prepare not only hot coffee drinks, but also hot chocolate (isn’t this what every kid secretly dreams of?) and cold coffee beverages. This feature can be found in premium-class De’Longhi machines. If you want to enjoy a cold drink, all you’ll have to do is prepare some ice cubes in advance (a special mold is included in the set) and follow the instructions displayed on the machine’s screen. You’ll get a glass of cold coffee covered with a layer of icy crema that will help you cool off even on the hottest day. On the other hand, the hot chocolate carafe will be a true lifesaver during the cold season. Simply pour some chocolate powder into the carafe and mix it with milk. If you wish, you can use almond, coconut or other plant-based milk too. The result is a thick, warm, sweet drink that will turn a windy winter evening into a cosy and delicious experience. 


Water stored in De’Longhi machines can also be used to make tea. These appliances heat water instantly, so there’s no need to wait for the kettle to boil. Premium-class De’Longhi coffee machines allow you to choose from as many as 4 different temperature levels designed to infuse different kinds of tea. As you can see, coffee machines produced by this manufacturer are just as useful for tea connoisseurs!

Simple operation and the Coffee Link smart app

The extremely simple and clear operation of De’Longhi coffee machines is yet another advantage of these appliances. Regardless of whether you go for a model with an LCD screen or a premium-class coffee machine with a touch display, you’ll be able to control your appliance easily and conveniently in both cases. The drink icons displayed on the screen are easy to understand, so even guests who have never used your coffee machine before will be able to select their favourite drink. In addition, De’Longhi coffee machines can be controlled via the Coffee Link smart app, straight from your mobile phone. This is particularly convenient in the mornings, when you’re getting ready for work and don’t want to waste time standing in front of the coffee machine. The app will also provide you with notifications related to the maintenance of your appliance. 

Maintenance of De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines

The maintenance of De’Longhi machines is extremely simple. Even the cheapest models are equipped with automatic cleaning features. The brewing block can be removed and washed under a tap — once that’s done, simply put it back in the machine and enjoy delicious coffee instantly. Water filters can also be used to protect your machine from limescale. If you decide to forgo the filter after all, the automatic descaling program will help you get rid of any limescale within the system. 

Wide coffee machine assortment

There’s an extremely wide variety of De’Longhi coffee machines available, so you’ll definitely find the appliance that satisfies all of your needs and wants. To help you choose, we’ll present the most popular De’Longhi coffee machine lines below. 

De’Longhi PrimaDonna

This premium-class coffee machine line is sure to charm even the pickiest coffee connoisseurs. Elegantly designed, these coffee machines not only impress with their geometric shapes and harmonious lines, but they also prepare coffee of the highest quality (increased pressure of 19 bar is used for this purpose). Choose from a wide variety of drinks and prepare all beverages at the touch of a button: from classic Italian espresso to delicious latte topped with gorgeous milk foam. Some models are also capable of preparing hot chocolate and cold coffee beverages. Select one of the pre-installed recipes or create your own drink. Experiment with coffee flavours by changing settings. Wide colour displays or intuitive LCD screens with clear drink icons will allow you to choose the desired drink and prepare it with a single touch. In addition, all coffee machines in the PrimaDonna series can be controlled via the Coffee Link smart app — you can download it straight to your smart device. 

De’Longhi Dinamica

One of the most popular De’Longhi coffee machine lines Dinamica — has been created for those who are looking for a coffee machine with a modern look and the ability to prepare the most popular coffee beverages. The premium-class models of this series allow you to program up to 11 different recipes and make espresso, slow-brewed long coffee, ristretto, espresso doppio and even cappuccino or latte at the touch of a button. Entry-level Dinamica models are equipped with an integrated steam wand, which will help you heat and froth milk until it reaches the desired temperature and consistency. The My Coffee function will enable you to adjust the recipe of your chosen coffee to your personal taste.  All of these settings are displayed on the screen. The operation of these machines is so intuitive that even guests can prepare their favourite drinks with ease. Like all other De’Longhi models, machines of the Dinamica series are extremely stylish, marked as they are by a recognisably Italian charm, so in addition to providing you with delicious coffee, they’ll adorn your house too!

De’Longhi Magnifica

The legendary De’Longhi coffee machine line Magnifica has retained its popularity for years now — when it comes to the most popular coffee machines, it’s still at the top of the list. At the touch of a button, these machines prepare aromatic coffee that no coffee connoisseur will be able to resist. Depending on the model, you can make milk-based drinks by using a steam wand fitted on the front of the machine or by simply pushing a single button if your appliance is equipped with an integrated milk frothing system. In either case, the latest Italian-standard De’Longhi technologies guarantee milk foam that is perfectly airy, creamy and remains firm even if you leave your drink on the table for a longer period of time. In addition, the correct temperature of the frothed milk maintains its natural sweetness. While looking for your favourite combinations, you’ll be able to use the steel grinder with 13 separate settings that allow you to change the strength of your coffee. And if you have some pre-ground coffee in the cupboard, these De’Longhi machines will let you use it too! The height-adjustable spout means that family members can drink coffee from their favourite cups even if their sizes are different, while two openings at the bottom of the spout enable the machine to prepare two espresso portions at once. 

Owners of De’Longhi coffee machines what are they like? 

These are people who want their coffee machine to serve them — not the other way round. Owners of De’Longhi machines know exactly what they like, as well as how to get it.  They’ve been preparing their coffee from the same bean variety for a long time now and they don’t plan on changing it: familiar things can never disappoint. The same applies to coffee machines. The classic lines of De’Longhi appliances reflect the values of their owners, while modern technologies mark their youthful view of this fast-changing world. Many years in the future, once it’s time to purchase a new coffee machine, these people will stay loyal to De’Longhi because De’Longhi has remained loyal to them. The owners of De‘Longhi machines also value aesthetics. They choose a place for their coffee machine in advance and pick a model whose shape fits seamlessly in the interior of their home. If you decide to purchase this coffee machine, remember that this is a long-term commitment, filled with beautiful moments, delicious aroma of coffee in the mornings and the best experiences, all starting from a cup of lovingly prepared coffee.