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The Elektra company was born near Venice, Treviso. This Italian company is guided by responsibility, creativity and initiative. In the company of Elektra, father and son traditions combine with innovative concepts that bring exceptional results. In 1947, Elektra introduced the first espresso machine, and since then it has been managed solely by family members. The name of the Elektra comes from the Greek word for the metal glitter. This is evident in the design of these coffee machines. Also, Electra is inspired by Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, who invented the radio and named it Elettra. These Elektra coffee machines feature traditional Italian espresso coffee machines, with brass and copper highlighting metallic luxury. The body of the coffee machine is characterized by longevity and plenty of detail, with a crowned eagle that symbolizes victory and trust. These top-class and quality coffee machines will really decorate your café or home interior. Elektra is expressive, but silent in its interior. These professional semi-automatic coffee machines will ensure that the preparation of the coffee is a pleasure. They are adapted for use by people with baristics skills and knowledge of the art of coffee. Elektra coffee machines have a unique design that is created by keeping the old traditions of espresso coffee, combining it with modern technology. With these coffee machines you can enjoy the most delicious Italian espresso everyday!