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De’Longhi company was founded by De’Longhi family in 1902, as a small industrial workshop in Italy. The De’Longhi Family Representative is still run by an Italian-trained company. Although it is a world-renowned manufacturer of home and kitchen appliances, this company has been cultivated by family values and an innovative approach that enables new generations to contribute to the company’s business. For more than 100 years delighted their clients with the highest quality innovative and stylish household appliances. The main values of the company are quality and reliability, so all the coffee machines produced by De’Longhi undergo very strict quality control – each one of them is tested and a cup of coffee is made before they are being sold. In addition, a great deal of attention is paid to the design of coffee machines – De’longhi machines have received many awards for their styling! Exceptional design solutions and interlaced classical lines with a modern style deal with the high quality of coffee maker production. De’Longhi offers a range of semi-automatic and automatic coffee machines to help you enjoy your favorite coffee specialties in an easy way and preserving their quality with the help of special technology coffee machines. Italians are well aware of what GOOD COFFEE is. This is no. 1 automated coffee maker worldwide.