What High Street Coffee Drinks And Desserts Menu Could Look Like in 2050

1Breakfast with fresh croissants and cup of coffee

Research Intro

The average price of a coffee in 2050 could be close to £9, according to new estimates.

With the price of food and drink continuing to rise in line with inflation, our average trip to the coffee shop could set us back at least £16 in decades to come if you’re a coffee and cake kind of person.

Using the average price of several of the UK’s most popular high street coffee shops, the new research we worked on has calculated just how much the likes of a latte and a panini would put us back from a high street coffee shop when we reach 2050 due to inflation.

The research has taken the average rate of inflation over the past 29 years (2.56%) and applied it to what the price of item.

Average High Street Coffee Shop Prices 2021 vs 2050

Average Coffee Dessert Prices 2021 vs 2050

Average Family Spends on Coffee 2021 vs 2050

The Findings - Based on Average UK Price of Large Drinks

- The average price of a coffee would jump from around £3.30 to near £8.50
- Therefore a quick “coffee and a cake” trip would set us back close to £16 with the average cake costing in the region of £5.80
- If specialist lattes are your thing, such as Vanilla Lattes or Caramel Lattes, the current average cost sits at £3.68. In 2050, this will be £9.43.
- For a family of four (two adults and children), a typical lunch consisting of drinks, a sandwich and a cake could easily cross the £100 mark
- Taking someone on a date might also be a costly trip with two lattes and two Pain Au Chocolat setting the payer back £24.
- A business meeting for six people - combining Americanos and paninis - would also create a bill of £115.