Coffee beans “Parallel 17”

Chat with Coffee Mate Tanel

WHO: Tanel Kalmo – Coffee Mate’s country manager for Estonia and Finland
COFFEE: Café Liégeois “Magnifico”, Coffee Mate’s beans “Parallel 17“
COFFEE DRINK: Black coffee
PREPARATION METHOD: Bean-to-cup coffee machine
COFFEE is: The key to a good day

Let’s meet our Coffee Mate from the great North. Today we’re speaking with one of team’s veteran, country manager for Estonia and Finland – Tanel Kalmo who’s in this business for more than 6 years now.

Do you remember your first coffee experience?

Not really, if being honest. Probably I was really really young. But I’m sure of one thing – I used to take my coffee with loads of sugar and milk. It was mainly for the taste, or rather that feeling of adulthood, thinking that you’re all grown up and drinking coffee just like everyone around (laughs).

Syrups and sugar put aside, do you have your favourite coffee recipe?

I have De’Longhi “Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95.T”, so I have my own recipe saved – it’s a really big cup of coffee, just to enjoy it for a while. Normally it’s just black coffee. But when I’m at home, I like to drink coffee with cream and a little bit of sugar, it’s better when I’m drinking it with food.

How many cups do you usually drink per day?

It depends on a day. Sometimes it’s 1 or 2, but of course there are those intense days when I stop counting at 10th cup (laughs). When I’m at home during the weekends I usually drink 2 or 3 cups.

Tell us more about coffee culture in Estonia

Even though people are saying that we’re calm people from the north, we really do like a big cup of coffee to stay energized. It doesn’t matter if it’s black coffee or latte macchiato, our customers are always asking which coffee machine could brew them the largest cup. I think the normal cup of coffee here in Estonia is somewhere around 300 to 400 ml, so yes, the espresso culture is not for us.

Maybe you remember an extraordinary coffee experience?

I can’t say much about myself, I didn’t have any unexpected or magical experiences with coffee. But I can tell you a funny story about my close friend. I think he was in Belarus and went to some random cafe or bar for drinks. One guy from the group ordered an espresso without water. Because as you know usually the waiter will serve a glass of water with your espresso. And guess what? When the waiter came everyone started laughing. The cup was sort of empty. lt only had a little bit of powder – or as the waiter said: “Here’s your espresso without water”.

Coffee beans “Parallel 17”

What’s your favourite Coffee Mate’s coffee?

My favourite always changes. For 5 years it was Café Liégeois “Magnifico”, but now I’m becoming a fan of more fruity tastes, that’s why I’m currently drinking “Parallel 17” at home, it’s quite nice.

If not coffee, then what?


What does coffee mean to you?

(Long-pause) Well this is a hard question. In general, a day without coffee is not a good day.

What would you like to wish all Coffee Mate’s customers?

From a true coffee fanatic, I would wish all people – never spend a day without a good cup of coffee. It will definitely wake you up in the morning or won’t let you fall asleep during a party night.